Monday, January 7, 2008

First Day Back to Homeschool and Laundry

Well, today we started back to school. It went really smoothly. I thought since we had that long Christmas break that it would be a bit difficult but it went great! I guess I forget that it's not like public school where I used to dread having to go back to school after a long break. The boy's at first said they weren't looking forward to it but they had fun today.

Afterwards the boy's decided they wanted to make lemonade. I had some lemons so we made some. I have never really made homemade lemonade but we did it LOL. Was pretty good too. The boy's enjoyed helping to make it.

After making and drinking our lemonade we played with Legos. I so forgot how fun it is to play with them LOL. So we built all sorts of stuff. I just kind of put Legos together and whatever came of it just happened. Of course being the Star Wars fans they are they decided that whatever I had built it was something Star Wars LOL. So I went along with them. It was so much fun.

Tomorrow is Laundry day. I have everything packed and ready to go for that. I will get up with the boy's and feed them their breakfast and of course we all get dressed and we are off to do laundry. The boy's will do a lot of their school work there (helps keep them occupied anyway LOL) and finish what is left at home. So we shall see how day two will go. Today was a really good day and I am blessed. How was your day?

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multipleblessings said...

I enjoy playing with Legos too. *lol* ... And building log cabins with the boys' lincoln logs. :D