Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a good one!........Well we didn't end up going to our friends house because we were supposed to get hit by a storm and it is a very long drive there and back. We didn't actually get the snow storm though LOL. It did get cold though. Today it's been snowing pretty good. Even thought they said it was supposed to stop at noon but it really didn't start till after noon and it's still snowing out! Oh well we spend time together as a family anyway.

Today we didn't really do anything LOL. It's been a lazy day. That's ok though we haven't had a lot of down time lately so it's a good thing. This month we don't have an as crazy schedule as we did the last couple months. We have some things to do but not crazy busy LOL.

Well as of New Years Resolutions I have a few but I guess I wouldn't call them resolutions because those usually fail LOL. So I am going to make them goals. 1) Spending more time with the Lord with my family and by myself. I really do need to do this more. I tend to "busy" myself with not as important things even though at the time I think it is important (bad me). Without God I can do nothing and I need to wake up and realize that! 2) Instead of saying losing weight I say I am going to try and eat healthier and do a little more exercising. This way I won't be disappointed if the scale numbers don't go down. 3) Try and be more organized. Maybe I will do one thing a week or a couple things a week to get me started so I don't feel overwhelmed. I do now have a planner that I bought. What I really love about it is at the end of a month is has a place where it says (Insert Month here) Accomplishments. This way after the end of each month I can put what happened and go back and look at it later. Hopefully this will help me keep on track. So do you have any "Resolutions" or Goals for this brand new year?


kel said...

I have goals too not resolutions.
Happy New Year!

thehungryone said...

Finish my novel! I don't know whether that's a serious goal or a firm resolution. I just need to get it done! :)

multipleblessings said...

No resolutions from me... I never follow through with them, so why bother, you know? *lol*

Enjoy the snow! I am still waiting for more than a sprinkle of snow here...