Monday, January 28, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry I know it's been a bit since I blogged last. Thursday was Create and Play for the MOMS Club thing and it went off great!! All the kids loved the snowball fight with the Styrofoam balls. Even a few of the moms (including myself LOL) had loads of fun playing snowball fight.

Friday hubby went to work early so he could get off early. He's been having to work early all this past week. We did some schooling of course and then hubby came home around 2:30 pm and while he took a nap the boy's and I went to the library. The boy's got a few books called Andrew Lost (a series) they love them! After hubby woke-up it was time to go to get our taxes done (hubby made the appointment Thursday). Harlow took us to Bob Evan's afterward. Needless to say the boy's got to bed later than usual but that's ok.

Sat. we didn't do a whole lot. I did do grocery shopping and later hubby took the boy's shopping (like they really need more stuff ugh but anyway LOL). I just stayed home and relaxed a bit. The rest of the day we just spent time together.

Sunday, we went to Church, came home and then we ran to the mall so I could get my hair cut because I really needed it LOL and then we went looking around for TVs. When we get our taxes back we are planning on getting a new TV because our old one is on it's last legs. We are also going to get a new (well new to us) used vehicle. Something we can have a little more room in.

Today was MOMS Club Membership meeting. The boy's decided to stay home with their dad while I went. Which was probably a good thing because Harlow's back has been really bothering him and the boy's helped him out while I was gone. After getting back from the meeting hub's went to the Chiropractor to get his back adjusted. I talked him into staying home from work today because he could hardly move and his job he has to pick up and turn a lot. I don't want him really messing up his back and not be able to move. He seems to be doing better now. He's able to move a little more than he could earlier. Please pray that he feels better soon. Poor guy I felt really bad for him. So how was your weekend?


Homeschool Mom said...

You have been busy. I hope your hubby feels better very quickly. It has to be hard to even function when your back is out! Take care.

multipleblessings said...

We wish we could get a new TV with our tax returns too... Ours is on it's way out too... But we need a new shed more, and we just found out our house payment is going up. Uhg. Oh well...