Saturday, December 29, 2007

This, That and Happy New Year

Today was pretty much an uneventful day. I went grocery shopping earlier today and then afterwards went to my mom and her fiancé's house to just spend time with them. So even though it wasn't eventful it was a nice relaxing time.

Tomorrow we are off to Church which I always enjoy going to and so do the boy's and hubby too. I just love being in the house of the Lord. I always feel as if I am coming home when we go. I love how even though it's a bigger church everyone knows who you are and always willing to talk and welcome you when you come. Before finding our church I had been to others that never felt like that but then again that was before I was saved or really understood just what Jesus did for us.

New Years Eve we are going to a friend of hubby's house with the boy's We have been to their house on previous New Years Eve parties abut last year we had just stayed home. It's a long drive but I think we will all have a good time. I know we won't stay there to ring in the New year though because we will have the boy's with us and I don't think they could stay up that late if they tried LOL. It will be nice to be with friends though.

For Jarod's and Harlow's birthday we will just have some cake and ice cream at home. My mom will probably come over and my dad will probably send him some money for his birthday. We already gave him his Birthday present from us. He loves having the same birthday as his dad. It will just be a nice relaxing family day.

So what is every ones plans for the New Year? Anything special or just staying home and having a family day? If I don't get to post till after the new year I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this be a wonderful year for you!

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multipleblessings said...

Man, the 3rd seems to be a popular day for birthdays! *lol* ... We have 4 names on our calendar. My mom, Joe's grandma, Joe's BIL, and Joe's cousin. :D ...

We don't usually do anything for New Years Eve... The church we went to in Portland always had a "Watch Night" service and potluck that we liked going to, though with the kids so little we never stayed until midnight...

Usually I am the only one still awake at midnight around here! *rofl*