Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Stuff and Birthday

It has been a busy few day's with Christmas and all. The boy's had a good Christmas as did hubby and I. For Christmas we went to my moms for dinner and some presents. My mom got me a Cappuccino/Espresso machine which I wasn't expecting but love LOL. I had told her she didn't need to get me anything and that I didn't really need anything but she did anyway. I do love it though. One of those things you really don't think about wanting till you get it I guess.

The boy's were so cute on Christmas. The boy's got up around 6:30 a.m. I could hear then in their room. Then all of a sudden I hear Jarod say Santa Clause. Then I heard Chord explaining to Jarod what Christmas was about. It was so cute listening to them whisper among themselves about what Christmas is truly about. Chord was saying to Jarod, today is Jesus birthday! He also went on to say that God was so happy that he made the world LOL. It was just too cute. I and hubby just laid there waiting for them to come in to wake us up but they just stayed in their room whispering among themselves. Then hubby said, "Are you going to come wake us up?" LOL to which Chord replied, "We were going to wait till 7o'clock but now is good." LOL. So we all got up and the boy's sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and commenced to opening up their presents. They were very much pleased and thankful for the things they got. Afterwards we had breakfast and afterwards they went to play with their toy's till it was time to go to Grandma's.

They got more presents at Grandma's and they were very happy about that too. Later at dinner time Jarod made sure everyone prayed before they ate LOL. If anyone ever forgets to pray before eating Jarod will remind everyone LOL. I love seeing how much the Lord really means in their lives. It is so natural for them to love the Lord that much. I love the Lord too but it's something totally different when a child loves the Lord. I want that love. I am so much reminded of how much the Lord has done for us when I look at our boy's! I want them to keep this love with them forever.

The day after Christmas we went to my SIL's house for another Christmas dinner and presents for the kids. The boy's were very much spoiled this year but they didn't act it. They were very thankful for the things they got and they knew what the real meaning of Christmas was and it kept them humble. They loved playing with their younger cousins as well. It was a little rambunctious but it was a joy to see them all play together and enjoy each other's company. It really was a wonderful Christmas and not because of the presents either.

Yesterday and today I did some shopping with some money I got for Christmas. My husband and my mom told me I had to spend it on me LOL. They know me too well. It may be odd but I don't really enjoy buying stuff for myself (unless it's something I really need like clothing wise or something). I did manage to buy me a few things though and then today I took hubby and the boy's out to eat.

In six day's it will be Jarod's and my hubby's birthday! My baby boy will be six years old! (when did this happen? LOL). So today we bought him an early birthday present while we were out. He was very happy with it. I just can't get over that he is already going to be six when it seems like only yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital!

The reason hubby and Jarod have the same birthday is because I had a planned C-section with him. I could have choose Jan. 2, 3, or 4th. I chose the 3rd hubby's birthday. The reason for my planned C-section is because with my oldest, Chord, I had to have an emergency C-section because he was a big baby ( 10 lbs 7 oz and 23" long) and with Ultra Sounds it looked as if Jarod was going to be a big baby too so they suggested I have a C-section with him as well. His actual due date was Jan. 9th so they took him on the 3rd instead. He was a big baby but not nearly as big as Chord was LOL. Jarod was 8 lbs 12 oz and 21" long. To me I remember thinking he was small and I had even said so when a nurse was in the room with me LOL. She just looked at me and said no he's not! I just laughed and told her how big Chord had been and then she had said well then I guess he would look small to you LOL.

Jarod was a cranky baby. I remember feeling so tired when he was a little baby. I loved him dearly. He was just different from his older baby. Boy has he changed from that cranky baby though! When he was a baby he really didn't like being held all that much and nothing seemed to please him. Now he is so different LOL. He is the most loving kid I have ever known. He loves to give out hugs and kisses to anyone. He loves to cuddle and to make people laugh! He will do anything to get someone to laugh. If he sees someone who isn't happy (especially kids younger than he is) he will do whatever it takes to make them smile. He will make him self fall all over or even slap himself around just to get them to smile LOL. He can make a room brighter just by walking in (ok so I am a little bit biased LOL). He is also very social. He will talk to anyone that will listen to him.
Jarod just after he was born (my mom is holding him)

Jarod Now (taken at my SIL's for Christmas)


thehungryone said...

My kids are never going to turn 6. It's just not possible. They're my little cuddle bugs and I can't possibly imagine them getting that big. :)

dakotablueeyes said...

Hope he has a great birthday

multipleblessings said...

8lbs, 12 oz IS big! *lol* ... Josh was my biggest baby and he was 7 lbs, 6.5 oz. Amanda, on the other hand, was about half of Chord!!! She was 5 lbs, 2 oz. (She had to come 18 days early, because I had pre-eclampsia)

All my kids were c-sections too. Jared was an emergency, and the other three were scheduled... Though Jared was small (20 inches, 6 lbs, 7 oz), his head was big (14 inches) and he got stuck. He wouldn't budge down the birth canal AT ALL. The doctors said my pelvis isn't wide enough, or some thing like that.

Glad you had an awesome Christmas!!!