Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Fit in a Box?

I have been thinking today. Yeah can be dangerous I know LOL. I have seen lately surveys or people asking others what reason do you homeschool? Well I got to thinking that most homeschooling parents I know don't fit into a box. There really is never just one reason why we homeschool is it? I know I may have started off to homeschool for one or two reasons but each year and even every day I have yet another reason to homeschool. Yes I am a Christian and have Christian values that I want to be able to teach my children but that isn't the whole reason.

I have learned that I really enjoy being with my children and watching them learn new things. I love seeing the light bulb go off in their minds when they truly understand a new concept. I also love just being with them. I have seen them develop into themselves. They are not just a part of me and my husband but are themselves and I love watching that develop. Sure there are days where I want to pull out all my hair and run away LOL. But what mom doesn't have those moments whether they homeschool or not. That's part of life having children I think LOL. The boy's are becoming so independent and I just love watching that in action.

I have found that homeschooling the boy's has opened up something new in me. I absolutely love learning now! I love that I can learn along with them. Lately we have been studying the Presidents. We are taking our time so we can learn more about them than it would be allowed in a public school. I am learning things I never knew. I have found I really do like learning about history and science. I don't think I ever liked those two subjects when I went to school.

My husband works afternoons. So if the boy's were in school they wouldn't get to see their dad till the weekend. It has made our family closer. We can start and end school any time so we can be together as a family and still not get behind in school. The boy's have a close relationship with their dad and I love watching that grow every day. I also have a close relationship with the boy's and even had a closer relationship with my husband because I don't have to worry about schedules with the boy's so my mind isn't always on the boy's so I am able to spend more time with my husband.

I could name off many other reasons including those that are common answers to this questions like violence and school and bad schools but my point in this post is that there is not only one reason why people homeschool. I don't think any of us that homeschool can fit into a one answer box. Every person is different and has different reasons for the things they do as do different homeschooling parents.


Julie said...

Very well thought out post :) Glad things are going so well for you!

Jody said...

Thank you. I hope things are going well with you.