Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today has been another busy day with going to the Laundromat and all. I have to say that at least in this part of Michigan homeschooling seems really well accepted. I think I have heard good comments when I mention that I homeschool the boy's than bad comments. Even the older generation seems to accept and praise it. I was talking to an older gentleman at the Laundromat and he asked when he saw the boy's if I taught them at home and when I said yes we had a nice little conversation about schools and what not. Then I had another lady talk to me that was about my mom's age I'd say and she said when her kids were younger she had thought of homeschooling her kids but the schools at that time told her a bunch of rules she would have to follow and decided against it. I am not sure when it was that she was thinking of doing this so I can't say the school was lying to her about the laws back then or not. I know in Michigan now it's one of the easiest states to homeschool in now but it hasn't been like that for long. It's nice to know there are a lot of people here that support homeschooling even if they don't homeschool.

I remember when hubby and I first started to think about homeschooling the boy's my mom was totally against it. She had the same questions most people do about "socialization" and how can you teach them because you don't have a degree and such. So I did a lot of research on homeschooling and talked to her more about the statistics and other little information that I had found about it. Then once we started to homeschool Chord in his Kindergarten year my mom saw just how well he was progressing and how much he picked up because of the one on one. She now says that she is glad I didn't listen to her LOL. So she started off totally against homeschooling to now her wishing she would have homeschooled us. I have told her how hard it would have been though back when we were younger. I am so grateful to the homeschoolers before us because they have really paved the way for it to be so much easier and better to do now than it ever used to be. I don't know if I could have been that brave standing up for the homeschool rights as they were. They made it possible for my family to homeschool legally and also have more options to homeschool.


Julie said...

Oregon is one of the easiest states to homeschool in too. :)

Joe's Dad is the one that gave us problems. We got the whole "What's wrong with public school" thing, and his nose turned up... But then, every aspect of my parenting is different than they did it, so I get the nose thing a lot, and not just for school. *rofl*

kel said...

My mom was against it at first, now that she sees how well the kids are doing and all the things we do etc I tell you that you would think it was her idea for us to homeschool in the first place.