Monday, November 12, 2007

Bible Study

Today I went to a Bible Study with some of the mom's from MOMS Club®. We usually get together once a month to do a Bible Study. Lately we have been studying from a Christian writer. His name is Charles Stanley and the book we are reading and studying (Biblically based of course) is Becoming Emotionally Whole. We read and studied lesson five in the book which is called Seven Keys to Emotional Wholeness. In this chapter he says, that "There are at least seven major aspects of wholeness involved in seeking God's best for your emotional life." He also said these things are in no particular order but "Rather, they are like having a ring of keys-all of which need to be inserted and turned simultaneously." I won't go into great detail about everything that is in the chapter but the seven keys are 1. Give Your Heart to Christ. 2. Saturate Yourself with Scripture. 3. Secure God's Healing for Your Faults. 4. Stop Bartering with God. 5. Share Yourself with Others. 6. Stop Dwelling on Your Past Failures and 7. Ask the Holy Spirit for Help. He gives some Scriptures to read to back up what he is saying and also gives you scriptural advice on how to deal with these things. It would be one long post if I put in a lot of what he deals with in this one chapter so I won't bore you with that.

It's a very interesting book. I am learning a lot not only about myself and how I deal with my emotions but I can see how my family deals with differently with their emotions. I see it mostly with my husband. He is slowly learning to deal with his emotions but he's had a hard life and I see how hard it is for him. The book really makes me understand his view and how he feels. I look forward to reading the next chapter and the next Bible Study to discuss what I have learned.

It's really nice to get together with other women of God and Study the word. What's really remarkable to me about this particular group is that it's a mixed group of not only different backgrounds but of different denominations. For instance I am coming from a non-denominational church and there is one from a Southern Baptist church and another that is from a Lutheran church. Yet we all share the love of God and know Jesus our Savior. I just love how honest and loving we are to one another and how there is no judgment between us. It's wonderful what God can do when we all come together under His love.

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Julie said...

It would be nice to be in a woman's group that didn't have a time limit... In the church we went to in Portland (before we moved here), they started a woman's Sunday school class. The first few Sundays they did the prayer requests first. By the time all the women stopped "sharing", class would be over before we got to the Bible study. We had to start doing the study first, then the prayer requests. *lol*

I'm glad you found such a great group!