Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ramdom thoughts

I get compliments all the time on how well the boy's behave. Some of which I really don't understand. We were at McDonald's once and a lady working there replied, "Wow, your boy's are so well behaved." Hubby and I thanked her but after she walked away I thought, how are they supposed to act? I mean they are eating after all. Did she expect them to run around the restaurant screaming like a bunch of wild animals? I mean I could understand if we were waiting for a long time like when we went to Church for it's anniversary service and dinner. Well it ended up being a long service and the boy's were starving. They complained a little but behaved through the whole thing. That I can see being complimented on but sitting down quietly with family eating at McDonald's? I just thought that was strange LOL.
I don't know why I am blogging about this now since it was about a month ago when this happened LOL. I guess I just started thinking about it. Maybe I do take for granted how well the boy's behave? I mean don't get me wrong they do act up. Like last night they wouldn't go to bed like they were supposed to LOL. I was a bit irritated with them to say the least. They also do fight with each other but not as often as I remember fighting with my younger brother. I don't know if this is because my brother and I were six years apart(me being the oldest) or if it's because the boy's are homeschooled and are together and so close to each other in age and each other's best friends or what.
Whatever the reason for them being so well behaved I know we are blessed to have such wonderful boy's! I hope they grow up to be well adjusted men and hubby and I have taught them everything they need to be in the world without being "of the world". I am grateful to God that he has given us the boy's to help us grow-up (trust me I was totally different than I am now before we had kids). I only hope to do His will to help these boy's to grow up well.

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