Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Again

I know I've been gone a while again. This time it has been because my computer was acting up and I had to have someone do a total restore on it for me. For some reason I was having troubles doing it on my own even though I've done it in the past. After that I still had to download other things and updates to it. Hopefully I worked out all the kinks in it. :) Come tax time when we get our money I am going to get a new computer hopefully. Nothing too expensive but something that isn't as slow as this one can be LOL.

The boys had a very bad cold also in the time of my absence. It wasn't the flu but they felt miserable just the same. Coughing, sore throat and headache never feel very good. But they are both fine now thankfully. Also I am happy to report that I did not get sick! I washed my hands vigilantly while I took care of them. I wasn't sure if that would help or not since they did breath on me a few times LOL. All in all though I have remained healthy.

In other news I was contacted by the higher ups (International) of the MOMS Club and they asked if I wanted to be a Big Sister and I have accepted. Basically I would keep track of eight chapters of MOMS Club and what they are doing (from reports they send me) and then I would make a combination report and send it to some people from International. I would also answer questions to these chapters if they have any. I would also get their newsletters and I would review them to make sure everything is just right. The newsletters are only once a month so that won't be too big of a deal and I am on the computer a lot anyway with different things so answering questions won't be too hard either. It's too bad I don't get paid for any of it though (LOL) since it's a non-profit organization. But on the upside I can put all this on a resume if I ever do have to go back to work.

Hubby is looking into a new job. The job he is at now isn't one that he will be able to move up in. From what he's heard there are people that have been there 20 years and still making the same pay he is now! But this new job opportunity he should have a chance at moving up in. It starts at 25 cents less than what he is making now but they work more hours (45-50 hrs a week.) and it will be days. Which is what he wants anyway (he works later afternoons now 4:30 P.M.-1:00 A.M. and a lot of times till 3:00 A.M.) so he can spend more time with the boys.

He went today for an interview and they said they might set up a tour of the plant on Friday for him and then he would take the drug test. After all that he would start working there. I guess it starts off like a contract job but after so many months (or so) they hire you and the pay goes up a bit then too. So we shall see how that goes. He's grateful to have the job he has now but it isn't what he had hoped it would be. Granted this new job might not either but hopefully it's at least a step up. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that he makes the right choice about this job.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I will be blogging more again without any more computer problems! I've missed it!


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems, and that the boys have been sick. Glad all is well now!

Hope your DH gets the job!


Jody said...

Thanks :) So far so good. He had the interview and is just waiting for a call to tour the plant.