Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Imperfect Family

I try not to complain too much on this blog but man today was a rough day. I don't know if it's just me (maybe I am being grouchy or what) but the kids really drove me nuts today. I love being a stay at home/homeschool mom 99% of the time (well ok more or less) but there are moments I feel like ripping my hair out.

For some reason today I had to repeat myself more than twice to get them to settle down or do something. Then of course they wanted to whine about doing their school work. It just seemed like they had to push my buttons.Now I guess I really shouldn't complain because they really are great kids. They hardly ever argue and usually (notice the word usually) behave and listen to me. Today wasn't one of those days though.

Nobody seems to believe that the boys can act up. I have friends tell me all the time oh your kids are so well behaved. All the moms in my chapter of MOMS Club also love the boys and they get invited places all the time. Don't get me wrong I am glad they are well behaved and glad people like them but it feels so weird when they compliment our parenting skills LOL. Because they do misbehave at times or make wrong decisions. I don't want people to think we are all perfect. I am far from Mrs. Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver or any other family show of that era and my family isn't perfect either.

My oldest is at that stage where he thinks he knows everything and will argue with me (or at least try to ) about anything and everything even if I know better. Either that or he gets very sarcastic and even though he isn't trying to can come off like he is disrespecting me. So I have to try and correct him in that area. Don't get me wrong he is a very loving and compassionate person. He would do anything to help anyone out. There are times though that he and I butt heads.

My youngest....well he is likes to be clingy and whiny at times and though he's gotten better in the whiny area but when he gets tired it comes back with a vengeance. He is also a very loving compassionate person but sometimes (especially with his school work) he likes to be so clingy and wanting me to do everything for him or with him.

Then there is me who sometimes gets moody and no matter what anyone does it seems to be wrong LOL. Sometimes I can be the biggest kid in the room. I want it done my way and even then it might not be good enough. I too have a big heart and a compassion for people and would do anything for family and friends. But there is another side of me that isn't so nice and very hormonal. I call her Mrs. Dragon and when she comes around it's safer for everyone if she stays in her room by herself till she gets over herself.

My husband...well anyone who has a husband knows there are things you can complain about a husband. From not putting their dirty laundry in the hamper to not helping out more with the kids. But I digress. My husband is a a good man and does more than a lot of husbands but he isn't perfect either.

I really hope no one thinks we are a perfect family. If they were to come in our  home they would be so sadly disappointed. They would see kids and parents that argue sometimes and do things not all that great too. I am really ok with being imperfect (well if you asked Mrs. Dragon you might get a different answer LOL) and I don't judge anyone else for their imperfectness either. We all have our issues and that is ok. Thank goodness God loves us anyway LOL.

How I went from complaining about my kids to imperfectness I don't know. I told you I am a rambler and tend to write all over the place. A writer I will never be LOL. Good thing I just write a blog for myself and not for anyone else. If you read it I thank you and hope I don't confuse you too much with my many twist and turns. If no one reads it then hey at least I have my own little diary LOL.


Ami said...

I am so glad that I'm perfect, because when I read about you mortals and your trials and tribulations, it makes me feel wonderful because of my own perfection.


Hang in there. We all have those days, Sweetie... really.

Jody said...

Well hello there! Nice to see you again :)....LOL see Ineed to learn from you on how to be perfect LOL. ....It's nice to know I am not the only one :) LOL.

Julie said...

No family, and no body is perfect... Take me and mine, for example. For the most part I have great kids, but every once in a while they have issues (usually it's fighting with each other). Why? Because we're human... And they all better watch out when I'm in a bad mood, because if Mama ain't happy, then no one is happy! *lol*


Jody said...

LOL I so know what you mean. It's just weird when people think we have it all together. I just don't want to be anyone example because ultimently I will dissapoint them LOL.