Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bah Humbug to Winter

It has been snowing on and off all day today. I know a lot of people love the snow but may me...not so much. If we could only have it one day a year and that day be Christmas day then I wouldn't mind it so much. It's not even the snow I hate but the cold that comes with it ugh. I just do not like the cold!

I know this might seem strange to some but it takes me longer to warm up in the winter then it takes me to cool down in the summer. I know I am odd LOL. If I could I would so move to a warmer climate. Unfortunately I have a husband who loves the winter and the cold it brings. I know opposites are supposed to attract and all but come on LOL. Because of this he will never really want to move out out of state. Unless of course it's to Alaska or say the North Pole. Neither of which I would like to move to. Visit maybe (if I have 100 layers or so on) but move? NO WAY!

I never really knew how sensitive I was to the cold till we (my mom, brother and I) moved back to Michigan after my parents divorced. Then again we never really lived any where that had extreme winters. We did live in Germany a few times but none of the places we lived seemed to ever get as cold as it does here. You would think though since I have lived here since I was fifteen (and now I am 34) I would have gotten used to it, but sadly I haven't. If anything I seemed to have gotten more sensitive.

I don't know if it is just because I am a wimp (which I admit I can be LOL) or because my normal temperature is only 97.6 but I do have a hard time staying warm. You would think since I am over weight that it would insulate me more but it really doesn't LOL. Most people can stay warm by putting on more layers but nope not me. I could be in multiple layers and blankets and still feel like I am freezing. I would much rather have the hot humid summers we have than the freezing cold winters. Yeah I know I am weird but I am ok with that LOL. I think I am going to be like a bear and hibernate till spring and say a big BAH HUMBUG to winter!


Julie said...

I am so with you! Thankfully, we have sort of mind winters here in NW Oregon (just tons and tons of rain), but it's still too cold for me! We keep our house at 70 degrees, and I am still cold all the time. How sad is that?! *lol* ... I am, and always will be, a summer kind of gal!

Jody said...

We keep our house at 70 degrees too and yest it is still to too cold for me too LOL. So you aren't the only sad one and I am a summer kind of gal too :). Glad to know I am not alone LOL.