Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Day

Well it's been cold here in Michigan (big surprise huh?).  So we still haven't been up to much this weekend.  Saturday I wasn't feeling too well.  I for some reason had bad acid indigestion and a headache.  Sunday I didn't have the indigestion but still had the headache.  So I didn't go to Church but hubby and the boys did.  They play live music at Church so I didn't want to make my headache any worse.

While they were at Church I took a nap but it really didn't help my head much.  I had taken some Ibuprofen when I first got up but that didn't help much either.  So after everyone was home we had some lunch and headed over to my moms.  She had some Aspirin I took when I got there and soon felt better. 

Today since I felt better I got back into my exercise routine (haven't been doing it regularly since the boys god sick) and we did some schooling of course and everything else we do in a days time LOL.  Other than that not much going on.  Sorry it's such a boring post LOL.  Oh well I would rather have a boring post then a full of drama life post LOL.   How was your weekend?


Ami said...

I never have any luck with anything that isn't aspirin-based.

Excedrin is my drug of choice when I have a headache. It's usually two Excedrin, 45 minutes, no headache.

Unless it's a migraine. I have stuff for that, too.

Julie said...

Hope the headache is gone for good... I am pretty much useless when my head aches. *sigh*