Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All Better and Other Ramblings

Thankfully the stomach bug was only a 24 hour thing.  Unfortunately after Jarod had his bought with it the next day Chord had it.   Harlow and I must have gotten some part of it because we both didn't feel so hot for a day or two.  Neither of us got sick like the boys but we didn't feel too good either.

I am happy to say we are all better now.  The last time the boys had the stomach virus it lasted two weeks ugh!  Poor kids could hardly keep anything down then.  I had to give them very tiny (like less than a sip) sips of water to keep them hydrated!  So glad this time wasn't that bad.

Yesterday the boys pretty much felt all 100% better but that was when hubby and I didn't feel our best.  So we didn't do any school Monday or Tuesday.  Today was our first day back.  It's good to be back in a routine and not dealing with sick kids :).

Harlow took his first quiz yesterday at school and he would have gotten all the answers right but he misread one of the questions so he just missed the one.  See this is why I don't think test really prove anything and one of the reasons I homeschool.  Not that I really have anything against testing all together but I wish it was done (for school age children not really collage) in a different way.  I remember so many times that same situation would occur to me in school.  I would know the answers but sometimes in the rush of time (getting it done before class ended) I would get them wrong because I either didn't understand the question fully or I misread it and got it wrong. 

I do test the boys but if I know they really did know a certain answer I either point out the one they got wrong or I have them look over their paper and they figure out which one they got wrong.  Either way the do figure it out themselves and usually get it right.  If they still don't get it then I will of course mark it wrong and work on it some other time.

I realize teachers have a lot of students and can't go over it like that and I am not suggesting they do.  But it is one of the reasons I do homeschool.  So I know what they are learning and exactly know what they understand and what they don't understand.  I know when something was just a mistake or if they really didn't understand something and go over it.

Sorry I have rambled on LOL.  I don't know how anyone can really understand my blog since I tend to go all over the place when I blog LOL.  I don't really plan out what I am going to blog about.  I just type whatever comes to my mind at the moment LOL.  That is how my mind works though LOL.

I always have so many things going on in my brain I end up jumbling everything together.  It's like I am constantly thinking but of different things all at the same time.  It's why I believe I have such a hard time getting to sleep at night.  It's not that I worry about things.  It's just I am always thinking of things.  I can't seem to switch it off.  It seems to have gotten worse the older I get.

I have to have the TV on to sleep.  If I don't have it on my mind will wonder and think of things and it will be a very long night to say the least.  I need the noise and distraction of the TV to shut my mind off.  Instead of going all over the place my mind seems to concentrate on the noise (not really the show itself but the noise of it) and I can finally sleep.  So glad the boys aren't like that.  All you have to tell them is that it's bed time and they are soon fast asleep.  Sometimes I really envy them for being able to that.  They get that from hubby I am sure LOL.  He puts his head on the pillow and usually he is out.  Unless of course he has a lot on his mind. 

Lookie there I started rambling off again.  For those that read my blog regularly (well as regularly as I blog LOL) I thank you whether or not you understand it or not I thank you :).  LOL.  I hope you are all having a great week!


Ami said...

I like rambling blog posts. Probably why I write so many of them.

Have you tried Melatonin to help you sleep? It works very well for me, as long as I remember that it takes 12 hours to wear off.

And I have to tell you that the word recognition at the bottom here is quite fitting...

Now I don't know if that means you need to have your brain on ice, or if it's like a crossword and means 'brain nice' (double words on the n)

Julie said...

Do you have to do the state testing in your state? ... Our homeschool laws (here in Oregon) require that we test them in 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th grades... I usually give them the CATs at the end of every school year, just so I know they are ready to go to the next grade level. (I always doubt myself as a teacher.)

madame said...

Lol, Jody!

We had a tummy bug the week before Christmas, also a 24 hour thing but we still weren't 100% for a day or two.
I don't like tests. I was always so nervous before tests that I would feel sick, couldn't sleep, and misread questions. They make a huge thing of them in Spain.

My mind is always occupied too. Sometimes I'm far, far away discussing Theology with some Scholar, sometimes I'm having my say with someone I haven't had my say with, like, ever! Sometimes I'm organizing my day, doing my shopping, writing blog posts....

My kids sleep very badly. They won't sleep through the night in their beds and we usually end up in one big pile on our bed. I need my sleep so I'm trying to train them to sleep on their own. It's hard work....

Don't worry about being regular with your blogging. Blogs are for narcissists like me, who decide when, what about, and how often they will post!