Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That.

Yesterday we went to my other Sister-in-law and Brother-in-laws house.  They don't have any kids but are great people :).  It's hubby's sister and her hubby.  They let the boys play with their Wii there. 

They don't know it but Grandma (my mom) got them a Wii for Christmas.  They have loved playing the sport games and such with it at hubby's brother's house and now his (hubby's)sisters house .  It will be good for the winter months since it can get pretty cold here in Michigan and not a lot you can do.  At least not around here.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall months they are outside  more but Winter is just crazy around here LOL.  Plus it's something the whole family can do.  Even me who is just not very good at video games can enjoy it.  Sure I still don't do well but I have fun anyway LOL.  Maybe I will learn something new LOL.

Changing the subject here LOL but I found another friend that I had in Germany (in Middle School)!  I found her on Myspace.  I actually found here back in the Spring but hadn't heard from her.  Well I went to Myspace (I am glad I have it now but I don't really use it LOL.  But hey I got some use out of it.)  and found an email from her.  I hope to keep in contact with her as well.  So so far I have found one person on Facebook (another one I don't use often LOL) and one person on Myspace.  These two were my best friends in Middle School!  I wonder if I can find anyone else.  That would be cool but I would be happy with just the two I found! Have you ever found someone you went to school with?  If so how? 


Julie said...

I had a friend from high school find me through facebook too. Pretty cool!... I have both facebook and myspace, but I never go to either, unless someone else makes a friend request. *lol*

Yay about the Wii!... My kids would be thrilled. I wish we had one, because it promotes physical activity. That's always a good thing. :D

amysalli said...

well i have found a pretty many friends through facebook that i went to school with. Some on myspace but since i joined facebook i don;t really bother with my myspace anymore.

The kids ae getting a used game cube form friends of our for x-mas. they enjoy playing the games with their older brother and since they already have a playstation 2 i didn;t feel they needed a wii even thought i am sure i would like it very much form the games i've seen available.

i like that it promotes the physical activiry as well instead of jsut sitting there.

Weber said...

I have found tons of my friends on Facebook. You'll have to add me to your list of friends! :)

Wii is awesome....are you guys gonna get Rock Band for it? WAY COOL!

Weber said...

That facebook address you sent me wouldn't take me to yours. I think I need your last name or you can look me up. Kelly Weber

Ellen said...

What is facebook and myspace? Do you have to pay? I find it very interesting. I often wondered what happened to three of my high school friends. How does this work, and what happens if they are married?

Carla said...

FACEBOOK!!!! :) I've gotten in touch with so many people I went to school with, and my "boyfriend" from 3rd grade just requested "friend" from me. LOL