Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just My Blathering's LOL.

The last couple days we have been busy.  We got some gift cards from a family that wanted to help a family have a nice Christmas and our Pastor and his wife thought of us and we were very blessed.  We got them yesterday and I have to say I am in awe.  It was a lot more than I had thought it would be.  So we dropped the boys off at my moms and went Christmas shopping. 

We didn't know what all to get the boys so today hubby took them to Toy's R Us so they could pick out some thing for now.  Kind of like early Christmas presents.  Hubby and I also got some new shoes and a couple other things we were needing.  The boys just got new Shoes from Grandma not too long ago so they weren't in need of new shoes.

I am just so thankful that this other family wanted to help us out so the boys could have a good Christmas.  I know the boys would have been happy with the little we had for them and what their Grandma is giving them but it's so nice to give them a little more.  The boys are so loving.  They love their toys and stuff sure but they also love giving and helping others. I so want to be just like them when I grow-up! :).  So to be able to get them some things they wanted makes me so happy!

I remember Chord at three years old helping me go through his toys to give to another family that was having a hard time.  We went through his toys and he gladly gave some  that he didn't play with.  (I remember when I was young I was so not like that.  I was the complete opposite and very selfish if I do say so myself LOL.) then at the age of five he demanded that he use his own birthday money to buy his brother a bike. Even though we had told him we would do that.  So he bought his brother a bike.

Jarod loves to share his toys with others.  He too has gone through his toys to give to another child.  He also give the gift of himself :).  If he see's another child crying he feels their sadness and will do what ever silly thing he can do to make that child feel better!  He has this energy about him that you just have to pay attention to him.  Not in a selfish look at me kind of way but a hey look at me so I can make you smile kind of way.  He seems to have away of commanding peoples attention but at the same time making it about making other's happy and not about himself.  He can sure make people forget about whatever they are worrying about and make them smile if even for just a moment!

Both boys are very compassionate.  I have seen them both cry for someone that was hurt.  I have seen them go to prayer when they know someone is struggling or hurting.  They will defend the little guy if they seem him/her getting picked on.  They will open doors for people and they will comfort the sad. 

I can't say that they are that way because of the way hubby and I have raised them.  Sure that might be part of it but it really is who they are.  Of course they have days where they misbehave or fight.  They are human you know LOL.  But I am continually amazed on who they have become and who they are becoming. 

All that just to say I feel so blessed to be able to give them a few good presents for Christmas because they truly have it down what Christmas is all about and not just a once a year thing!!  I am a blessed mom to have the boys I do.  They help me grow up a little more and show me what I need to be like :).  So to whoever it was that let us give he boys this I really do want to say Thank You for such a blessing.  I know the boys will be thankful too.  Not just for the  toys but of the thought behind it all. 

Sorry if this is incoherent and hard to follow LOL.  I am tired and maybe a little (or a lot) emotional :).  Please forgive me :D.  God Bless everyone and if I don't get on to blog before then I wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!!


madame said...

Hi Jody,
What a beautiful post! I'd love to meet your boys and their mama :-)

I can relate to you in your emotional state and I'm happy for your family. You said God will provide, and he's doing just that.

Enjoy Christmas shopping!

Ami said...

Your boys sound so awesome!

And I'm really glad for the gift cards. I really feel that the most important charity... the charity toward people we know personally, is sometimes overlooked. It's not that the other charities are unworthy, but I love helping someone I know. I try hard to do it anonymously, though.

Weber said...

Awe, what wonderful sweet boys you have! The world needs more people in it like them. :)

Julie said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful boys on your hands!!!

Homeschool Mom said...

What a blessing. I am so glad that there will be men like your sons will be in this world. You and your hubby are doing a great job!


Ellen said...

Just think, the day before you felt like you wrote boring blogs with nothing to say. But you do. Just writing about every day things and about the boys is great. I love to hear you tell about your family. Take heart, you are truly blessed because of this period of time in your life, you have realized that 'every good gift comes from above.'

Your friend,