Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pics of Me

Don't have much to talk about today.  My mom the other day gave me some school pics of me that I thought I would share.  I will have to get some younger pics from my mom sometime too.  Like baby pics since I have none :(.  I did but we had a fire back in 2004 and I lost them.  I didn't even realize I  didn't have baby pics of me till I was looking through our photo album today.  Anyway here are pics of me. Don't ask what grade I was because I really don't know LOL.

I think this is my 4th or 5th grade photo (I am thinking 5th)
this was my second perm but my first full perm.  Yeah perms just don't like my hair LOL.

7-22-2008 9;52;06 PM


This one I am not sure but I know I am older than in the previous photo LOL.

7-22-2008 9;55;53 PM

and this last one I was a Junior

7-22-2008 9;59;01 PM


Julie said...

What a pretty girl you were (are)! Love the pictures!!!

The Woman said...

I like your hair in the last one very pretty