Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Love Spring and Summer.

Not too much going on here today. We went to church and stayed at home for the rest of the day. I do have to say though I enjoyed the drive to and from church. I love that everything is so green and all the flowers and trees are blooming their blossoms.

I really love the spring and summer months. I know it can get unbearably hot in the summer but I still love it! I love the smell of spring and summer too. It's a smell of life and newness. Watching the mama birds feeding their babies and feeling the warm breeze flow through my hair.

I am just not a winter person. I like the first snow or when the snow turns to ice on the trees and gives them that glass look. But that is about it for me LOL. I can go without the cold. I can go without the slick roads. I would be happy if it would just snow once a year and that would be on Christmas LOL. I can live with the other three seasons. Just not winter LOL.

I get cold easily anyway. Which is funny because I'll be honest I am not a skinny woman. So you would think with all the extra (padding?) I would be fine. But, sadly that isn't so LOL. My normal temp. is only 97.6 and anything above that I have a slight fever. So a cold breeze just has to go through and I am freezing. My hubby teases me all the time about that LOL.

So I have I mentioned I love Spring and Summer? LOL.


madame said...

you sound just like my husband! In fact, he wants to move away from the cold. One day I'll blog about that...
I like seasons. I enjoy longer nights just because I feel like it's ok to stay in and read a book. I like our fireplace, going out for a walk and seeing all the lights in people's windows...
But I struggle with bitter cold weather too. I wouldn't mind skipping the cold, cold winter and having the other three seasons.

I love spring, but I hate the way I feel in the spring. All of a sudden I'm tired. I have hay fever and just going to the playground or weeding my garden is making my eyes get all itchy and red, my throat scratchy and my voice goes sometimes. I sneeze a lot and sneezing is so energy consuming!

Oh well... I've just written a post of my own on your blog. Thank you for hosting me.
Enjoy the spring!

Julie said...

I so know what you mean! I am always depressed when summer is over, and thrilled when it begins. :D