Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shhh Don't Tell Anyone.

LOL just kidding of course since I am putting in online LOL. I wanted to talk about some people thinking I am a perfect mom. I will agree my boy's are generally (notice the word generally) well behaved. But they are not perfect. They have their moments (but then who doesn't?) and I also have my moments.

The one thing that really gets me I think though is when people find out that I homeschool one of the most responses I get (won't go into the socialization on though LOL) is oh I could never have that much patients or you must have so much patients. To be honest I don't. I have had my fair share of tantrums (yes even I have tantrums at times LOL) or yelling at the boy's when I probably shouldn't. Or giving them the "I am throwing away all your toys!"(yeah right mom) moments. As well as other "moments". So please no one put the patients label on me LOL.

Now don't get me wrong I am not saying everyone should homeschool because that is a decision that is up to each parent and each child. Everyone is different. I am just saying please don't think just because I (or anyone else) homeschools that it means I am a more patient or better equipped to homeschool.

I have many faults just like everyone else. I do get hormonal sometimes. Just ask my hubby LOL. I do get irritated sometimes. I really have made my fair share of mistakes as a parent and as a homeschool mom. I have found things that have worked and haven't worked and I try to learn from those mistakes but I am in no way perfect.

Hi my name is Jody and I am a wife, SAHM, and homeschool mom of two boy's and I am imperfect. I do my best but I do make mistakes. Nice to meet you :D.


Weber said...

LOL! I loved this post. I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 boys. We LOVE it.... but I have my not so nice mommy moments sometimes too.

Sniz said...

Hi Jodi. Thanks for visiting my homeschooling blog. Your comment was so encouraging. I hopped over here to look around and have been really enjoying your blog...I love the things you have to say. And you know, I've always hated the "I don't have enough patience," response, which is the most common one for me. It always sounds to me like they are saying, "Well, aren't YOU special?" in a derogatory way, when the truth is that I have the same amount of patience as anyone else. What are they REALLY saying?