Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sorry didn't blog last night. Wednesday's is church day so we didn't get home till after nine P.M. So I was just too tired to blog LOL. We had a visiting Pastor come and visit us. He is headed to Hatti today. It was a good time. He really didn't do a sermon per say but more of just talking to us about what he's doing. He goes to countries (like Jamaica and now Hatti) and preaches the Word to those who may have never heard it. He was telling us a story that one time he had this one guy following him and trying to kill him, a radical Muslim, well he (the Pastor) was preaching and this man heard him and ended up on his knees crying. When the Pastor asked what he was there for (he knew who it was) the man looks up ad said. "I have never heard of God's love before."! The man was saved right then and there! How awesome is that?!

Anyway today we went to the Zoo with the MOMS Club. We actually got there before anyone else and we went through the whole Zoo before we met up with them LOL. So we went through it again LOL. It was a good time and the boy's loved having their friends there. What was really funny though is that even though I have been a part of MOMS Club since 2005 few of the other moms have ever met my husband. He just doesn't go out much and he just not as much of a social person as I am. Sure he has friends but he sticks to the ones mostly he grew up with. Where as I grew-up moving all the time so it's easy for me to make new friends quickly. So I had to tell my friends, "See I do have a husband." LOL. My one friend said. "You must have rented him for the day." LOL. Poor guy was the only man there LOL. One of the other mom's husband was there but he was on a field trip with their other daughters class. He did stop by though. It is actually like a 2nd or 3rd cousin of my hubby. They went to school together too so they caught up a little before he had to go. So it was a good time had by all. I really didn't get a lot of pics of the boy's (bad mom) I got some good pics of some of the animals though LOL. They were very cooperative LOL. Here are some pic's of our time there!
Boy's are tall for their age but next to this Polar Bear they look tiny LOL.
Polar Bear(hard to see sorry. The babies were in the water. They don't look little any more LOL)
This was too cute the giraffe was looking at the Guinea bird LOL.
Sharks(Harlow's Fav.)

Boy's were playing with their friends here(not pictured)

I have more pics but these are the best ones. I hope you enjoyed looking at them :D.


kel said...

Fun pics I always love the zoo.

Julie said...

I can't imagine going through our zoo twice in one day! *lol* It usually takes us 5-6 hours (lunch stop included) to get through ours, and when we are done my feet are killing me! *rofl*

Sounds like an awesome day though!

madame said...

Nice pictures!

Like you, I think some people have wondered whether I have a husband. hahaha But then, there were so many women I only ever met with their kids or on their own...