Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Future NASCAR Racers?

Ok so I didn't have much to blog about today. Yesterday just had a headache all day so that's why I didn't blog yesterday. Today not much but laundry at the Laundromat LOL. But I thought I would share a pic with you I took today. Actually I just took it and uploaded it LOL. It's of the boy's of course. All day today they have been playing "NASCAR" The have even donned some of the things they ware LOL. In this pic Jarod is using a play dart shot gun as a jack so he is the Jack guy to change the tired in NASCAR. Chord is using a bat as the gas thing so he says he is the gas can guy LOL. You can't say my kids are not imaginative LOL. They have playing this all day LOL. So they went from being rock stars one day to NASCAR pit crew guys. Hmm the possibilities LOL.

Please excuse the mess LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

lol too cute

Julie said...

*lol* ... When Jared plays NASCAR, he plays "driver" and not "pit crew". *rofl*

(I think I would rather him be on the pit crew ;) )

Anonymous said...

Your boys rock!

I just love it when they get into role playing. My 4.5 year old comes up with the funniest things to do. Sometimes it drives me crazy, like when he has to repair the motor of his scooter every 100 meters or he has to go chop down a tree for firewood with a train track shoved into a tunnel ( chain saw)
They also play Bob the builder and Fireman Sam.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm posting anonymously, blogger won't let me sign in...