Monday, May 19, 2008

More on Homeschooling

Ok since I know a certain person (Anne) is considering homeschooling. I thought I would post a little more on it. As most everyone knows homeschooling is different for each family. For my family, and I would even say most families that homeschool it's become a way of life. It isn't so much about ok we do this subject at this time and that one at that time as it is about spending time and learning with your children. Sure some (me included on this one) use books to teach but that's not all we do either. Even for those of us that aren't unschoolers I think it's safe to say that we have used it on occasion. Meaning we learn from life as well. Whether that's going outside and watching the ants make their holes in the ground and carrying their food on their backs or going to a Museum and having your children become interested in mummies and Ancient Egypt. Something this simple can become a learning lesson. These things might not initially be for learning purposes or a lesson plan. But, when you see your child/children have that interest in these things you may stop whatever lesson you are doing to pursue a new one or you might start planning for that next lesson plan.

Homeschooling is also flexible. You can hold "school" any time of day or if you are an unschooler there is no set school time. If your child/children learn better in the morning hours you can do it then. If your child/children learn better in the afternoon or evening hours you can do it then too. You can make it as structured on unstructured as you want. It really all depends on you and your family needs.

As for my family we have a little structure and lots of unstructure LOL. We wake-up at seven a.m. (at least this year this is how we did it lol). Mainly because that's when the boy's get up anyway LOL. Then we eat breakfast and usually at eight a.m. we start schooling. But there are day's where we have to be places like the dentist, doctors or field trips where we don't get to the "typical schedule". Those day's we either finish up when we get home or do something on the road or a less school work day. There are even day's where we just didn't get to do "school" work. Doesn't mean we didn't learn anything that day. Just we didn't get paper work done LOL. Other than our start time we really don't have a schedule. I let the boy's choose what subjects they want to do. We cover all the subjects just I let them pick what they want to do first, second and so on. This makes them feel more in control of their learning. In Science and History I usually let them pic what they want to learn about too. In the last couple months we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

Just remember for those new to the homeschooling world to take it easy. You will really be surprised on how much your child/children learn without you having to worry about every minute they are "learning". Don't try to over due yourself. You don't have to have your child/children in every social event or every museum tour. Do what is natural for you and your family no matter what that may be. In the beginning I think most of us mom's try to over due it and that will cause burn out. So just remember to that if you are tired from going here and there and every where then more than likely so is your child/children. Learn to read your body and your kids. This will help you into knowing what you can and can not do. Just because you don't get involved in every activity or social grouping doesn't make you a failure at homeschooling. Just means you need time to just be.

I know some of you are thinking well Jody you are always doing this and that LOL. Yes, I know we do, do a lot but that's just who I am. But even I know my limits. I know when I've had a busy week or two that I too need a break. In fact the last two weeks I haven't done a lot. I have done some but not a lot. Like I said too that it's just who I am. I like keeping busy for the most part but I would be that way anyway even if we didn't homeschool the boy's. Just stay true to who you are and who your child/children are. This will be the best for you and your family. Your family doesn't have to look anything like mine.

One more thing I want to say. Since I have been homeschooling my house is never super clean LOL. I think that has a lot to do with because I like to be out and about LOL. But especially if you are new to homeschool don't expect to have the house spotless. This is an adjustment period and it will be hard to do all! Now some homeschooling families might do fine in keeping up house work and homeschooling but again every family is different. This doesn't make you a bad mom or wife either. Just means you know what you can and can't do. I usually do better with cleaning the house in the summer months when our school work isn't as much and we are more relaxed.

If this seems jumbled I am sorry LOL. I am feeling a bit tired today for some reason (I think it's the weather lol) so I hope it came out at least understandable LOL. I hope everyone is having a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that post!
I agree, with most things in life it's best to be yourself.

By the way, I don't homeschool and my house is not spotless either!


Julie said...

My house isn't as clean as before we started homeschooling either... Oy!

Homeschool Mom said...

Great post! Sometimes I do feel so overwhelmed, and I also feel like I am a failure if I can't get to every subject. My husband said to me last year that I don't need to do every subject every day. I can tell you that took a load off of my shoulders. The problem I have is that I still feel like I have to do everything, or else I will fail our end of the year evaluation! Stress! Sorry to dump my stress on you!


dakotablueeyes said...

Yeah I love the idea of flexible and doing it at their pace, so much schooling today is rushed in the system and they don't have time to absorb. wish me luck this summer lol