Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Field Trips and Homeschooling

Well I wasn't sure on what to post about since my day wasn't too adventurous. Unless you count going to the Laundromat and doing laundry adventurous (no kids this time hehe). So Anne gave me the idea of talking about field trips for homeschoolers.

You would be surprised what there is to find for field trips. A lot of them might be free or inexpensive. There are the regular places like the zoo, museums or are museums but there are other places too. The best place to look is in your community calendars. I think you can find them at your local Library website. Or you can ask your local Librarian for a copy of the community calendar. You might find a lot of cool things you might not have known about to take your children too.

You can also check with local places for free tours. Especially if you can get a few people to go. Like for instance on the 7th of June the boy's(all though Jarod might not he's afraid of dogs LOL), another homeschool family or two and I are going to a veterinary clinic for a free tour. They will listen to a dog's heart beat and also get to look in a microscope and look at worms (eww lol). Along with some other things. Also bowling Alley's might have free tours too on how they work. We had that tour through the MOMS Club. You can always ask local places if they offer or willing to do these things. It's really neat way to know your community and learn new things. Even for yourself.

Another to look for is your State Parks. The boy's and another homeschool friend of ours went to a State Park and we learned about squirrels and went on a nature walk. It was really fun and the boy's loved it!!....Know a local farm? On another MOMS Club event we went to a local dairy farm and got to see how one works with milking cows and all. Even got some ice cream afterwards LOL.

So as you can see there are a lot of options out there and a lot of them maybe free (which is good with this economy and gas prices lol) or at a reasonable price. I didn't know a lot of these things till I started homeschooling and doing my research. It was good too that I found another homeschool mom and we worked together to do these things too. I hope this has been helpful for those new to homeschooling :D.


dakotablueeyes said...

I find stuff to do through the community calendar just never thought of using it to teach, so come the 31st we will hopefully go on an outing that will involve exercise, nature, canoeing. If the weather cooperates.

Julie said...

We don't do field trips very often... We used to when the kids were little, but it's rare now...