Friday, April 4, 2008

I don't know if I will get a chance to blog later today so I thought I would now. Right now I am babysitting my Niece but at the moment she is taking a nap. She is just too cute! Makes me remember when mine were that little. She will be two on the 11th of this month. She really loves playing with the boy's and the boy's love playing with her. In fact Chord was just asking me wow is she still sleeping? LOL He wants her to wake up so he can play with her LOL.

After my SIL comes to pick my niece we are going to my other SIL and BIL's house for dinner. Just to hang out as a family. I know for hubby it is a good thing. Both his mom and dad have passed away so all he has is his brother's and sister. Tow of his brothers he doesn't get along with so well for some very good reasons but I hope they are there anyway because no matter what they are still family. Even though we might not agree with some of the things they do we still do love them. To me they are just as much family as my own brother and parents. So I do hope those two brother's show up. I have a feeling only one might show up but I can always hope. I hope everyone has a good day. My Niece just woke-up so got to go LOL.


kel said...

Hope you had some good family time.

Julie said...

Hope you had a good evening with the family!!!