Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yesterday and Why Do I Do This to Myself?

Well yesterday went all right. Hubby decided to take his 1/2 day personal day and break it up. Yesterday he got out at 9:30 p.m. instead of 11:30 p.m. so the boy's wouldn't be up so late. So we started out the day by doing school and then going to the Library. Then we left the house just before one p.m to take hubby to work. Then we were able to come home and relax for a while, have dinner than off to Church for the boy's to do some practicing for their parts and I went to a Wednesday night class at Church too. We got out of there at around 8:30 p.m and then it was out to go pick hubby from work. The boy's still didn't get to bed till almost eleven but it could have been worse. I let them sleep in this morning.

Now on to what I want to really blog about LOL. What is wrong with me? I again have a very busy week and really can't blame anyone but myself. It's not that I think I am super mom but I am so unorganized that I tend to over schedule myself a week or so at a time. Even when I write things down I either forget that I wrote it in the first place or forget where I put it LOL. It can be right in my face and I probably still wouldn't see it!

Here is what I mean Tomorrow I have a friend coming over who helps me do the planning for the MOMS Club, Create and Play, we do together. But also my hubby reminded me that I have to go to the store and pick up a few things because for some reason we are running low on food to eat a little earlier than usual LOL. Plus the boy's have to get up early and get ready so hubby can take them to the barber's to get their hair cut. So I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow including getting some school time in for the boy's!

The weekend we have to go buy a black pair of pants for Chord and some white tee-shirts for both boy's for the play they are going to be in. Not something we had planned before now. Then of course I also have to fit in the real grocery shopping. Of course on Sunday we go to church as well.

Monday, I am going to a monthly Bible Study with some of the mom's from the MOMS Club that I am in. Then come home and finish up some schooling with the boy's. Not too much but a little more things than usual.

Tuesday, the day I always do laundry at the Laundromat right?! Well not this Tuesday because I forgot about it (how since I have been doing this since forever I don't know LOL) when I agreed to watch my niece that morning.

Wednesday, is really busy because I will probably go to the Laundromat to do laundry since I won't be able to do it on Tuesday. Then I will also have to take the boy's and drop off hubby for work and then later that night go to Church again so the boy's can have one more rehearsal before the 16Th on their play. Then of course go pick hubby up from work at 9:30 p.m. again. So glad we don't do this every Wednesday.

Thursday, I have Create and Play with the MOMS Club to do. We do crafts, sing songs and play with the kids along with the other moms. It's really fun for the kids and I enjoy doing it for them.

Friday, is my only free weekday all week LOL. So I will finally get to rest a bit. I will only have to do school work with the boy's. So along with all I have to do all week I have to fit in school work with the boy's LOL. I will get it done but my goodness I make myself too busy. I need to find away to be more organized and get a better memory LOL. Anyone else do this? Or am I truly just weird?


Junglemom said...

You'd probably think my life is boring! *lol* ... I've been known to go 2 weeks without even stepping out the door!!!

Can you say HOME BODY! *rofl*


dakotablueeyes said...

okay go to walmart and get one of those planner books, you can get refills every year. I have one and have had one going since Kaylie was born, why because pregnancy took my memory lol but aside from that I write everything down. Now you can get the monthly calenders which I do, so things I want to remember I write them down, that way when I look back over the year I know what happened and when, but I also splurge and get the page per day, so I have more room to write stuff, but those usually get torn out after a week so I can add the next month in which is why I keep the monthly in there until the year is up lol. You can get the page per day, weekly, or like I did for next year I got the 2 page her day, figured with all the kids activities now I needed more room to scribble lol. I don't get the pretty pages either just the basic so I think it was 30 or 35 for the years worth but when you think about it its a smart move. Just get in the habit of carrying it with you everywhere. I have the 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 size I think they call it the desk size cause its not the small compact size. I got this one at walmart for 12 or 14 and it has a spot on the front where I slipped a pic of the kids in there. it has a tab closure cause I have it stocked full and if I had the snap closure it would never be able to snap lol

Jody said...

Julie don't feel bad because most of the time my life is at home too. There just seem to be moments or weeks that I have a million and one things to do. I still don't know why I do that. LOL