Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today was a busy but not too busy day. Just had to go to the Laundromat and school the kids there and then come home and get stuff done like getting things ready for tomorrow's lessons and getting the house some what clean LOL.

Tomorrow will prove to be a lot more busier. First take the boy's to the Library since we have some books due and I need to get a few more. Then come home take hubby to work (since we only have the one car) and come home and make sure everything is around so at seven tomorrow night we can be at church so the boy's can practice their lines for the skit they are going to be in on the 16Th. It will be their first time ever on stage so hopefully they don't stage fright LOL. I know I probably would but I won't put that on the boy's LOL. I have been helping them rehearse their lines. They are doing really well with remembering them. They will also get to sing some songs too.

I am so excited about seeing them in the skits. I know they will do well. Especially Jarod because he loves to entertain LOL. I have always jokingly said that Jarod would be an actor and Chord would be his manager LOL. Just because Jarod loves to be center stage but not really to take all the spot light but he truly loves to make people happy and smile! If he can get someone to smile or laugh at him he is at his happiest. Chord is a thinker and loves to figure things out. He is almost always thinking. Of course I know things will change as they get older and I don't really think they will be actor and manager LOL but if something like that were to happen similar to that I wouldn't be surprised LOL.

Anyway I kind of got off track LOL. After going to church we then have to go pick hubby up from work (he is leaving two hours early so the boy's won't have to be up so late). at 9:30 p.m. and drive home and then of course getting the boy's ready for bed. So I will be on the go most of the day tomorrow LOL. How will your Wednesday go?


Junglemom said...

Well, our Wednesday won't be that busy! *lol* We won't be doing too much... At least not if I can help it. ;)



dakotablueeyes said...

i'm sick so nothing doing on my wednesday