Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Rambblings

We had a good weekend. Saturday was my mom's birthday so we went to her house to be with her. It was a nice time of just being together as a family. We are blessed that our families combined (hubby's and mine) get along really well. So we don't have the rift between in laws like some families do. All though hubby's mom and dad have passed away I did get to know my MIL really well before she passed away.
My MIL was a strong willed woman and always said what she meant and never minced words LOL and I loved her for it. She was like another mom to me. Which is saying a lot since my mom is a great mom herself. I miss my MIL. She passed away in Nov. 14, 2002 of breast cancer that spread to her brain. She had her faults of course but all in all she was a good woman.
Anyway I got off track again LOL. I swear I do that all the time. It's like I have a million things going on in my head and they all get jumbled together and I just ramble LOL. So if I don't make any since you know why LOL. Just ignore me.
Sunday the boy's and I didn't do much because hubby had to go to his friends house again to help with something so he had the car. We only have one car so when one has it the other one can't really do much LOL.
Monday was a MOMS Club meeting and the boy's and I went. It was nice. We had a guest visitor and she was a Child Consultant. She basically deals with children who are having a hard time adjusting to day care, school, day care homes, child centers and registered relative care providers. Anyway a lot of what she was saying about children and some of their behaviors is what I have done with the boy's. Such as acknowledging good behaviors instead of only focusing on the bad ones. I have notice when I see the boy's doing something "good" and I compliment them on it. Like one time sitting through a long sermon at church and being very hungry. They at first whined and then they just sat still and I told them wow look how good you guy's are. They behaved through the whole thing after that. Not that I don't discipline when they act bad but I try to acknowledge when they are good as well. I have to say doing that has always done well for us because the boy's don't act out as much as they did when they were younger. There were other things that she said that we do at home too. So it made me feel good that I am doing well by the boy's. Not that "experts" always have the right answer but this one believed how I believed and I have see how it works with my boy's. I may not be a perfect parent but hubby and I must be doing something right because it shows through the boy's.
Today I just had to go to the Laundromat to do laundry like every Tuesday LOL. I got compliments again about the boy's by two different people. They both said they were so well behaved. I had them do some school work there but let them play around too. One of the ladies that gave me the compliment was an elderly woman. She was saying you don't see that much these day's. I am so proud of my boy's LOL. Can you tell? Ok I am done bragging LOL. My children aren't perfect (neither are hubby and I for that matter LOL) but they are good kids.
Tomorrow is a Halloween party with the MOMS Club that I am in. So I will taking the boy's there. I will get there early though to help out with getting it all together. The boy's get to dress up in their costumes so they will love that. Then it's off to Trick or Treating. So if I don't blog tomorrow you know why LOL. Hubby is taking the day off work to go with us too. Will be an eventful night to say the lest LOL.

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