Friday, December 3, 2010

Can you say Busy?

Today is a busy day. Earlier today I had to go to Calendar Planning for MOMS Club®. That is where we plan the calendar for the next month. Then later a friend of mine from the Club is going to pick the boys and I up for her Hanukkah party that she is having. I've never been to one so I think it will prove to be interesting. I love learning different things.

It's funny how now that I am older I love to learn more then I ever did as a kid. I remember as a kid if it had something to do with learning something I didn't want any part of it LOL. I don't know if that was just me or because I went to so many different schools and felt like I was always behind (I was an Army Brat) so I just didn't want to learn anything. It's funny with the boys if they know it's school related then they don't want to learn about it but if it's something they came up with. Like learning more about WW 2 then they are all for it LOL. Maybe I should just take their cue and let them lead the way and find ways to teach them without them knowing it LOL.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I have to go to a local parade thing to promote the Club (thankfully we will be indoors in this cold!)and then later we might go to my Sister-in-laws to watch another parade. But I think it will all be fun.

Sunday is of course church but not sure what else we have planned. Sometimes we just stay home and sometimes we go visit family. Either way I know it will be good. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and maybe not as busy as I will be LOL.


Julie said...

Lately it seems like we're always busy! I miss the days when I always got to stay home... *lol*

Jody said...

So much for being "Stay at home moms" and "Home"school moms LOL. I know what you mean.