Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lose of Motivation and a Broken TV

I haven't been up to much other than doing school work with the boys.  Around this time is usually when we seem to lose some motivation LOL.  Not just on the boys part either but my own.  I think it's all that food and holiday's that do it LOL.  I know we will get better once all the holidays are over.

Our TV in the living room went out a couple days ago.  But we have two friends of ours who are looking into finding us one.  One from his Father and Mother -in-law and the other from another friend.  We didn't ask them to but they offered.  We are blessed.  It wouldn't have really mattered though because we have one in our room (granted small but hey it works right :) ) we could have used but they were nice enough to offer.

Most of the shows I watch I could easily watch online the next day so it's not too big a deal for me.  The boys watch TV sometimes and even have one in their room but to be honest they don't really watch it or any TV much either.  I am almost half tempted to say forget it and go without TV but I know hubby doesn't want to do that LOL.  Not that he watches much TV either but he likes having the option I guess LOL.  Most of the time we have the TV off anyway but he (hubby) insist on having TV and cable LOL.  He is such a goof but I love him anyway hehe!!.... Do you watch much TV?


Weber said...

Nope, VERY little TV here. We usually only watch if something interesting going to be on the History channel. We do occasionally watch movies if they have to do with what we are learning at the time. Other than that - nope, no TV here.

madame said...

We have one, courtesy of the FIL, on the altar in the living room (hahaha).
I use it with the boys when I need them to settle down (when I'm cooking and can't come and break up fights...), but the programs I consider apropriate are very few.

I watch some in the evening, usually while I tackle dry laundry and do some ironing. When dh is home (not so often these days!) we might sit and watch some docummentary or discussion. We enjoy them and it gives us food for interesting conversation afterwards.

Do you have to pay for a license? We have to pay for every tv set!

Julie said...

We don't have cable or satelite... The only thing that will play in the living room is videos or DVDs... I used to barely watch any TV, but lately I've become addicted to iTunes, so now I will watch something in the evenings on the laptop.

Ellen said...

We use to watch a lot of TV, and had some favorites like NCI, on CBS. We have the family channel through Dish Network and we enjoy watching Holiday Movies. Last night we watched one when we got back from grocery store.

But, overall, we don't watch much except for Fox News, the Weather Channel, preaching etc. Most of the time, lately, we listen to silence or play a relaxing CD to old familiar gospel songs.

I try to look at a TV program and then see if it fits Philippians 4:8; most of them don't. I don't like watching shows where they now have introduced 'gays' etc.

We only have dial up on our computer so we can't watch programing from it, although we can watch a movie.

Carla said...

We actually only have 2 TVs in the house, and are on month 7 of no cable. It's been good for us, and we watch a lot more movies now. Plus that $55 a month we spent on cable is now "extra" and we use it to buy movies, go out for a family fun night, or save it to buy something like a blu-ray player. :)