Friday, November 7, 2008

Time Change

For some reason this year the time change has really gotten to me.  I usually have no problem with the time change but for some reason this year it getting to me.  I still haven't adjusted to sleeping.  It almost feels like I have jet lag?  How is that really possible with just an hour change?

Time seems to be going so much faster too.  What is up with that? LOL.  Trying to get things done and finding I just can't do it all.  Maybe it's just me getting adjusted thought but it's just really messing with me.

I haven't had time to blog or anything.  It's not like I am doing anything more than I have been doing.  All that is different is the time change.  Is anyone else feeling like that?  It's just too weird.  I hope I can catch up on some sleep soon and hopefully get adjusted to the time change.  I will try to be a better blogger :).


Ellen said...

This is my first year having trouble adjusting in the fall, ususally it is in the spring. Isn't it strange that one hour can make a difference? It must be because we are getting older, or more mature. LOL

Julie said...

I'm having issues with it too... I keep waking up at 5 am, instead of 6, no matter how late I go to sleep. *sigh* ... By the time my body adjusts, it will probably be time to change them back again. *rofl*

Ami said...

I Hate the time change. HATE it.
I can't figure out why they can't just leave it alone.

It's hard on kids, too, in several ways.

Last year, one of my kids at work came to me about 5:15 after the time change because it was already dark outside. He thought something had happened to his mom because she was SO LATE to come pick him up and he was scared.

I do like the 'extra' hour of sleep we get in the fall, but how does that help when spring rolls around and we're operating on a sleep deficit for a month or so until we get used to it?


The Woman said...

me too, it gets dark I get ready for bed and look at the clock and its just 6pm ugh

Weber said...

I kind of like it when it gets dark least for a few months then I'm ready for it to go back to normal. It's nice though because I move the boys betime up an hour and I get to knit longer in the evening! :)