Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More About My Computer Issues

I still haven't gotten to download everything on my computer since having to start all over.  What the hijack was from is some how I managed to go to a Web site or downloaded something that attached to my computer.  It was called Security Toolbar 7.1 .  That in turns jams up your computer so it moves at a snails pace.  I tried looking for a free way to get rid of it but there wasn't much out there.  At least not for Vista which is what I have.  So instead of  buying a program which we really can't afford right now I just did a total restore on my computer.  I just saved everything to my flash drive that I really wanted (wasn't a whole lot).  I still need to install some fonts and my favorites list but nothing too important.  I didn't feel like dealing with that today LOL.

On a good note since I did do a total restore on my computer I don't have as much junk on it and it runs much better LOL.  I am going to try my best not to download every cool little thing I find LOL.  That and not add too many files hehe.  I have all my pics on my flash drive so if I need to use a pic I can download it and when I don't need it can delete it or something.  I am going to really try not to put too much on here and also do regular defragmenting and virus and spyware scans. I had done them before but I have to admit I would forget here and there. 

Hopefully soon I will have more to blog about then just my computer problems LOL.  Today was just another laundry day at the Laundromat.  So how have you been?

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Julie said...

All my pictures wouldn't fit on a flash drive. *lol*

I can't get the restore to work on my laptop, and believe me, it could use it. It came with a restore disk, but I just can't get it to work... Highly annoying!