Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pics

Sorry I know I haven't posted in a while.  It's just been really busy lately.  I think it might stay that way till after the New Year LOL.  I have no idea where the time is do you?

Here is a few  pics of the boys in their Halloween outfits.  I would post more but some of are of my niece and nephews because we went with my BIL and SIL Trick or Treating.  We had to show them the good place for candy LOL.  So here are pics of just before we left the house to go Trick or Treating.

Jarod the Clone Trooper and Chord Luke Skywalker.
Pretty creative on Chord's part LOL.  He took his Ninja costumes from a couple years ago (it was bought big) and took Jarod's cape from last years Costume of Darth Vader and a black glove for one of his hands and of course one of their Lightsabers LOL.  Jarod just used Chord's costume from last year.  This is what they wanted so it was pretty cheap this year LOL.  The only things that were bought were the gloves from Big Lots for $1.25 for two pairs (Jarod is wearing gloves too) and the blaster which was $8.50 at Walmart.  The Lightsaber the already had.  Not bad for two costumes huh? LOL.  Anyway here are the other two pics.



I love Jarod's Serious face on this one LOL.  Chord looks pretty serious too LOL. Figures the one I like most is the one hubby took LOL.  I took the other two :P. 

Well I will try and post better but I can't say I can promise.  So much to do and so little time.  Do you find yourself busy this time of year too? 


Weber said...

Ah, so cute! My boys loved your boys costumes.

amysalli said...

cute costumes. I think the clone trooper was very popular this year. that is what michael went as and we saw alot as we walked around. philip went as bumble bee and jacob went as batman

Julie said...

They look so cute! ... Jared was Darth Vader last year. :)