Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zoo Day

Today was an eventful day. My friend and her little boy came and picked us up to go to the Zoo. We have a membership pass for the Zoo so we didn't have to use any money :) (good when your hubby doesn't have a job at the moment). I packed us some lunch too. We got to the zoo and met the other MOMS Club® moms and had a great time. We got there just after 10 a.m. and we didn't get going home till after 4 p.m.

It was a perfect day for the zoo. There was overcast but no rain so it wasn't hot either. Perfect!! A lot of the animals were out and about too since it wasn't so hot. All accept the cat animals LOL. Actually though the Tigers were out and about but the Lions, Cheetahs and the Snow Leopard were all laying down sleeping. Must be a cat thing (other than the tigers LOL.). I have some pics of the boys but it was group photo's with the MOMS Club® so I can't show you those pics (don't think the moms want their kids on the Internet LOL). But I will share with you the animal pics I got (not a lot though seeing as we go to the Zoo a lot and having 100 pics of an animal we just don't need LOL.)

The tigers were the only cats that weren't sleeping lol.

These Meerkat's were fighting. One of the moms said they must be siblings LOL.

Found out that these Ape's are actually Monogamous and when the female finds a mate she shows she is loyal to him by turning from black and white to all white. How cool is that?

I was surprised with these sharks. Usually they stay up top more and I can never get a good pic of them. This time I did :).

The boys and I found this interesting. It's called a Zebra Mantis Shrimp. The boys remarked on how much it did look like the praying mantis except with more legs LOL.


The Woman said...

love the shark pics

amysalli said...

love the pics. I bet the kids all had a great time.

glad the weather was nice.

Ellen said...

Imagine turning colors for the one you love. You really got some good pictures.

Julie said...

We went to the zoo yesterday, so I'll be posting my pics in my Flickr. :D (We have a new baby elephant!) ... It's interesting to me to see how different the exhibits are for the animals.

Glad you had a great time!