Thursday, August 14, 2008

Homeschool Moments

Well we are back to schooling again. Tuesday we didn't do a lot because they had a play-date but they did do a bit. Yesterday and today we did more things. It's been going pretty well since I am slowly getting back into full swing I think. That and because we have done some school work here and there through the summer.

I have noticed with each year I have gotten a little more relaxed with their schooling. I no longer fear if they are learning or what people will think. Now I know they learn even when we aren't sitting down and doing "book work".

Homeschool Moments is the name of my blog. To me a Homeschool Moment isn't so much about our school things but about everyday life. It could be as simple as going out for a walk and watching insects and animals or reading a good book with the boys on either side of me. Sure we have some book work but I have realized that isn't all there is to learning. No, I am not terribly organized (actually not at all LOL) but I like that because we can drop what we are doing at the moment and pick-up something else. Last year we were learning something in Chord's History book but we dropped it and started to learn more about the Presidents. Especially George Washington. Why you ask? Because that's what he wanted to learn about. He loved learning new things about George Washington and reading books about him. I didn't necessarily grade him on it we just read about him and talked about him. I knew what he was learning and to me most importantly he was loving to learn. I don't know what exactly sparked his Interest in George Washington but we followed it through and I think he learned a lot from that. This year I would love to do the same. I hope the boys come up with new and exciting things they want to learn about. Why follow a textbook through if there is so much more than that text book? Sure his History Book might have covered George Washington eventually but it wouldn't have gone into that much depth and I don't think he would have learned that much.

For our family I have learned learning isn't so much a formula or levels but a way of life. Textbooks can be useful but life can really show us that much more. This is why I call my blog Homeschool Moments :).


Julie said...

Glad that homeschooling is going so well... We're starting sooooooooooooooon *lol*

Ellen said...

I love to read your blog. It is always so much fun and excitement where school is concerned. I taught two years in a Christian school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been enjoying your slideshow and other blogs. I wanted to tell you thanks for leaving me comments - you have no idea how it makes me not feel so isolated. I left a positive blog about snow on my other blog:

I like to watch out the window while my husband drives as well. It is a shame so many people let life go by without enjoying God's creation.

Have a good day.

Weber said...

LOL! Watch out your starting to sound a bit like us unschoolers. :) Live and Learn conference is coming up - very cool.

amysalli said...

i am glad that schooling is going good so far for you. i am hoping that my two older boys get just as excited about learning new things that your two do.

i hope i can keep up with all of it on top of my schooling this year.