Monday, July 28, 2008

I am happy to report that my shoulder/neck is feeling much better today! It's still a little stiff but no more sharp pain! I am hoping by tomorrow I will feel all better! Anyway today was the monthly meeting (see post below) and that went well. I got everything that needed to be there and I even got the minutes emailed out to everyone when I got home :). It's funny how I can be so lazy with house cleaning (my house isn't nasty dirty or anything and I just did a good late spring cleaning to it LOL.) but when it comes to doing things like that I like to get it done and out there. I guess it's because that's the kind of worker I am. Even when I was a working mom (I quit working when Chord was 2 and 1/2 and Jarod was 6 months old) I would go to work (Cabela's at the time) and get it over and done with. There are two things when I am in work mode that I obsess over LOL. (1.) I hate being late (even when I am not working but need to be some where ). I feel most comfortable if I am 15 mins. to a half hour early. If I can be thier earlier I would LOL. I am so obsessed about it that I even got a comment from our dentist office LOL when I was there about a half hour early lol. I guess it's not usual for people to be early for the dentist LOL. The other than I obsess over (2.) is knowing what needs to be done and start working on it right away. I don't like to even take breaks till I know I am done with something or know I can spare a break because I am ahead. Now with house work this depends LOL. When I get in a cleaning mode I have to get to it and get it done. If I am not in that mode than you can forget it LOL. Thankfully since I just went through my cleaning mode my house isn't in total disarray but it does need to be cleaned LOL. I'll get to it tomorrow though :).

Anyway off that subject and on to another (yes I know I ramble a lot LOL). I forgot to tell you all Wednesday on our way to the car show, we went to we noticed just down the road from us someone had left a school desk beside the road. But we didn't have time to stop so Harlow said if it was there when we came back we would pick it up. Sure enough it was still there so we put it in our jeep and took it home. It's in pretty good condition. A little rust (I cleaned what I could off) on the bottom and on the legs but otherwise nice! I was excited to get it LOL. Have I mentioned that I am a nerd when it comes to schooly (is that even a word? LOL) things? Hmm maybe that's why I homeschool the boys? LOL. Anyway here's a pick of it. Please don't mind the background too much. The room is also their play room since they share a room right now and it's a small room so they can't fit everything in their room LOL. Anyway sorry here is the pic of the desk.

Jarod will have a plastic desk that my mom got them a long time ago (before we even knew we were going to homeschool) and Chord can have this one. All though they like to go back and forth right now LOL. Oh well at least they are sharing LOL.

Ok now I am switching the subject again on you LOL. Are you dizzy yet? LOL. Anyway today my mom came over for a bit and gave us some pics she copied (she also gave us the original but it's in a frame and I didn't want to take it out) from Harlow's Senior Pictures :). I and he were in them. We used to have more of his pics but they were lost in the fire :(. But it's cool that she gave us two copies for each boy and gave us the original. So here is a copy of a copy of that pic LOL. Sorry if it's grainy but I just didn't want to take the original out of the frame and all. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. LOL.


amysalli said...

glad to hear your shoulder id feeling better.
wow you sound as busy as i am at times with gettign everything done in a certain time.

i am like that alot as wel always haveing to be somewhere about 15 minutes early. i don;t like feeling rushed when worn out out when i get there.

The Woman said...

Nice desk, nice pic don't you two look cute together

Ami said...

That is a really cute picture.
I'm not gutsy enough to show any of my old ones unless they're baby pics, that would do okay.

It sounds like you're doing an excellent job in your volunteer position. It's sure not a job I'd want to do!

Have a good day.

Julie said...

Nice desk! ... We have one for each of the kids. We found one at a thrift store and a friend found the other three for us at garage sales. :D ... The kids love them, and it's nice for doing school.

Glad you got a copy of the picture!