Thursday, July 24, 2008

As you could tell by yesterdays pics we went to the local car show again LOL.  It is every Wednesday at our local ice cream/snack shop.  Before we went there though Harlow and the boy's went again to the pond to go swimming.  Boy did Harlow come back with a sunburn.  The poor guy.  The boy's got little ones but nothing like Harlow and are doing fine now.  I got to stay home and enjoy the quiet.  I cleaned house to.  Because I much rather clean when no one is home then when they are LOL.  So yesterday was a busy and productive day for me :).

Today we didn't do much since Harlow had a burn.  The boy's weren't too bad today but I kept them indoors today so they can heal some more.  I did do some school work with the boy's.  They act so much better when we have a routine of things.  They really need the structure I think (as do I LOL).  I tell you living and homeschooling in Michigan is a good thing for us.  I love that not only not having to report to anyone but we don't have to worry about test either.  They are trying to get legislation where we would have to report to the schools but it's not going to vote till next year and I doubt it will pass now that some of the backers have backed out of it. We shall see though.  I am glad we can go at our own pace and not have to worry about the state trying to dictate everything.  We are truly blessed. 

Tomorrow not much planned other than grocery shopping and picking up a book at the Library that is on hold for me.  How is your week going?


amysalli said...

wow that sound like fun going to a local car show. i know hubby would be there every week.

i know about structure and i definatley need more of it for myself expecially with school starting up for all of us soon.

going to try to start on that on monday. so hopefully i can get into a routine with things.

Julie said...

Hope the sunburn is completely healed... Joe got one a week or so ago, and is peeling like crazy!

The Woman said...

ouch sunburn sucks, i have to grocery shop on the weekend too blah, we are too busy today to go so yucko

Weber said...

Oh I hope the sunburn feels better fast. Are you using real aloe for it?
Structure?? What's that? Hee-hee. We are pretty relaxed with our schooling but yet seem to get a lot done too. Seems the more I push the more they drag their heels!

HW said...

Severe sunburn is one of the worst kinds of pain...hope he feels better soon.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I left a response over there. I look forward to getting to know you through your posts.