Thursday, June 19, 2008

MOMS Club® End of The Year Banquet

Less than two day's now for the End of the Year Banquet for MOMS Club® at least for our chapter anyway LOL. I'll have my hubby take a pic of me with my dress on for all to see. I will get it up here sooner or later I promise LOL.

I have really started my exercising for a few weeks now and eating a little better too. Sure I have a little bad things here and there but I am not taking big helpings or anything like that. So it's a start. I am not skinny and to be honest I don't think I could ever get really skinny anyway. I want to lose weight to be healthy not really to look thin. I don't need to be a size zero to be happy. I don't want to impress anyone with my weight loss (not much weight loss yet though LOL). I just want to be healthy for my family. So far I have lost a whopping three pounds LOL. Yeah I know not much but that's ok because I know the slower I lose the better I will be able to keep it off (at least I pray) and I know I won't look awesome in my dress because let's face it I am a big girl but I still love it anyway LOL.

Anyway I got off track LOL. I am excited about going out with my mommy friends and getting all dressed up. Last year was a lot of fun and I expect this year will be even better. I have one of the mom's coming to pick me up. Not because I really want to drink (not much of a drinker LOL) but because I don't know where it's at and I really don't like driving at night. I don't know why I don't I just don't LOL.

I am excited about this too because I don't really dress up much. Because we don't do a lot of fancy things LOL. I am not really a dress girl anyway but it's nice to once in a while dress up and have fun. I told hubby that he will have to take me out now so I can wear the dress more than once LOL. He said sure we have find a sitter first LOL. He can be such an agreeable man LOL. Yeah I can say he spoils me. Even when I don't really ask for it. I am a blessed wife. Sure we have our differences and arguments (what couple doesn't?) but I know he is always there when I need him. He knows too that I am there for him. He and I have been through so much together and I really can't imagine life without him. (no matter how mad he sometimes makes me LOL).

So does anyone have any plans for the weekend?


kel said...

3 pounds is great. Keep it up. Mine is coming off super slow but it is coming off since January I have lost 26 pounds, and I am running now something I never ever could have done before.

multipleblessings said...

3 pounds is awesome! ... I need to get off my bog ole rear and get some exercise in too... We need to get a new VCR, so I can do my Leslie Sansone tapes again.

Can't wait to see the picture of you in the dress!

madame said...

I loved this post. You really sound in love with your hubby...

You look very pretty in the two pictures of you in your sidebar, but if you want to lose weight to feel healthier, I'm sure it's great. I agree, slow and steady will do it and will last longer.

I started doing my Cindy Crawford exercise dvds. Old as the hills, sure, but effective! And I try to get on my stepper for 15 minutes too. I'm on a slow start.

Looking forward to seeing you in that dress! You've told us so much about it, we HAVE to see you now.
I'm sure you'll feel great once you are out with your friends. We tend to feel all self conscious, but then we forget about our looks as soon as we arrive at the party!

Oh, and I don't like driving alone at night either, especially if I don't know the way.

Enjoy the outing!

Jody said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! I so appreciate it!!

Thank you for your compliment too Madame :D That is just so nice of you. You have me blushing LOL. You are right about being self conscious till you get there :D. Thanks!!

Yeah driving at night not knowing they way is just not my cup of tea :P.