Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Another Boring Post LOL.

Other than going to the movies today we haven't did a whole lot. That's ok I am still recuperating from all we have been doing lately. I did let the boy's have a day off of schooling but then again Jarod is done with school other than review anyway and Chord is almost done. So it didn't hurt anything LOL.

Today was a rainy day. Hey at least it's not snow right? More like Spring weather then it had been LOL. Other than the rain though it wasn't bad outside temperature wise. Poor boy's though the neighbor girl came over to see if the boy's could come out to play and as soon as they get out to play it started to rain LOL. So they had to come back inside. Oh well Summer is fast approaching and they will have plenty of time to play outside.

Sorry I don't have much to blog the past few day's. hopefully I am not boring you too much LOL. I have a pretty boring life I guess but that's ok I don't need or want a dramatic life anyway LOL. I have had enough drama in my life for a lifetime LOL. So what is every ones plans for the weekend? Saturday not sure yet. We'll probably end up doing something but just never know LOL. Sunday is Church and who knows what afterwards. Have a great weekend!!


Ruth said...

Here in Germany, spring is rolling in, in all it's glory!

I wish I could upload pictures of my boys enjoying their freedom!

Have a nice weekend too.

dakotablueeyes said...

lol rained here too most of hte morning and afternoon but cleared up for game time

Julie said...

I know what you mean... I haven't had anything exciting to blog about either, but I love my boring life! *lol* ... Just doesn't make for an interesting blog. ;)