Friday, May 23, 2008

Future Rock Stars? What do you think? LOL.

I just wanted to share a video I took of the boy's the other morning LOL. They decided to get out their guitar(Harlow got it for them from someone used :D they each have one) and Chord got out my very old keyboard (from either late elementary or early middle school I forget LOL) and decided to make their own music LOL. It's cute anyway LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

lol that's too cute

Julie said...

New Kids on the Block? *lol* ... They are too cute!

Ruth said...


Honestly, the guitar player is not bad at all... He seems to have some sense of rhythm (I think that's the word... I'm confused)

We want to get a keyboard for our almost 5 year old. He is very musical.

Keep at it, boys! ( Does the music drive you nuts after a while?)

kel said...

Brittney is always writing songs for her