Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today I don't have much to blog about since we didn't do much today. We did go to Meijer's to pick up some package envelopes for hubby. It was pretty funny though as we were walking back to our vehicle and Harlow was asking the boy's where they would like to eat. They both said BK but then hubby said how about KFC? Jarod looks up at him and puts his hand on his chin and says "Hmm, that would be good!" LOL it was just so cute the way he said it. I swear that boy knows how to put a smile on just about any one's face. He doesn't even have to try hard. He is very much the classic class clown LOL.

Yesterday though it was Chord that had me laughing. He and his brother were just goofing around and Chord put his arm around his brother and says "ahh, my funny sibling." LOL. It just sounded so funny coming from an eight year old's mouth. He is always surprising me on how much vocabulary he knows and can use correctly.

In our homeschooling I am trying a bit more hands on and physical things for teaching Jarod. I think he is a visual and Kinesthetic learner. So today we went outside and I drew a line and put the numbers 1-10 on it and had him pick a number and we would either add or subtract so say for instance if he was standing on the number 3 I would make a problem out of it like 3 + 5 =? So he would have to jump on each number till he counted to 5 and he would of course land on the number 8. I am hoping doing things like this will help him learn his math facts a little better.

Chord is a visual and auditory learner. He can see or hear how to do something and he can do it for the most part. Like when he was in first grade I had just told him what multiplying was. I told him it was like saying what is three sets of five equal too and he got it that quick! It wasn't something I really taught him I had just told him about it and he knew how to do it. Even before he learned how to carry over or borrow from. That is just how he learns.

So with each of them I have to teach them differently. They don't learn the same way. So I am trying to find good way's to teach Jarod that he will understand. He really liked the adding on the line thing today. If anyone has more suggestions on how to teach a kinesthetic learner please feel free to give me suggestions LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

isn't it funny how kids can be so different lol

Julie said...

My boys have very different learning styles too. Jared learns like I do, and Josh learns like Joe...