Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am not very good at being consistent on blogging am I? LOL. Thursday, was Open house for MOMS Club at a Library. So the boy's and I went to that. We have a couple new members that signed up. I look forward to getting to know them. The boy's had a great time playing with all their friends. After we got home though we did schooling. The rest of the day was just relaxing.

Friday, most of the schools around here were closed due to winter weather but the boy's had school. Ah the joy's of homeschooling LOL. Friday's are our laid back day's so we did a lot of reading and playing some card games. The card games were President Go Fish, where you have to get three consecutive Presidents to get a match and who ever has the most matches wins the game. Chord won two out of three games of that LOL. Then we played Five State Rummy. This game is where you have to get five states that boarder each other. I ended up winning all three games of this LOL. After playing that game we played Math War. This game is like the card game war but in this game you either add or subtract and who ever has the biggest number wins the cards. Chord kicked my butt on that one LOL. Jarod didn't want to play at first but ended up helping me play. The boy's had fun and they were learning LOL. I have to admit I had fun too.

Today, was grocery shopping day. I really didn't want to go do it today so I procrastinated till almost 10:30 am before I went LOL. Got home just after noon and put stuff away and left the house again for the bimonthly parenting group (an activity with the MOMS Club). I have to admit I mostly go just to chat with my friends but I learn a little too LOL.

Not much going on now. Hubby is going to his cousins house here in a little bit because his cousin invited him to watch some, I think it's called UFC thing (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on his new TV. My hubby isn't all into it but he's going just be with some friends. Which is good for him. He doesn't go out often other than working so I think he needs a guy's night out. I had my girl time today so he needs his guy time LOL. I am very blessed to have such a great husband. He understands that sometimes I just need to get out and even encourages me too. He isn't a drinker or smoker (neither am I for that matter) and doesn't go out all night all the time. So he really deserves this guy's not out. I really hope he has fun. So how is everyones weekend going?


multipleblessings said...

You're always so busy!! Makes for a more interesting blog though, right! :D

We're not doing too much. Today the kids and I just kicked back (Joe had to work), and tomorrow Joe and the kids are going to his sister's house for Superbowl... I am the lucky one! Joe's taking the kids to give me a (half) day off! So I get some ME TIME! Yay! *rofl*


dakotablueeyes said...

well if you are like me, you are too busy to blog or not busy and nothing worth bloggin about that won't make readers nod off lol

Homeschool Mom said...

Do you think that you could send the rules to the games you mentioned. They sound great adn I would like to do them with my son.

Thank you!