Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Babies and more on Our Homeschool Moments.

The boy's and I ran to Meijer's this morning to pick up a couple of things for Create and Play tomorrow and hurried home because just after ten a.m. my brother brought over his little girl so we could babysit. She has a little bit of separation anxiety but the boy's and I got her to get over it pretty quickly.

I don't want any more babies or kids but I did enjoy having a little one around. Also since I don't have girls I played with her hair LOL. I was really surprised she sat there and let me do it LOL. She has got all these uncontrollable curly hairs LOL. Boy though an almost two year old can wear you out LOL. She wasn't into everything it's just having an almost two year old around I think LOL. The boy's enjoyed playing with her too. Although they didn't like it when she wanted to get into their Lego's LOL. So we had to distract her lol. But all in all the boy's loved having her around and she had fun too. Sometimes I miss my boy's being that little.

Because we had a little one with us today schooling got done a little later than usual but it still got done. Lately Harlow has been helping out with the teaching. Today as I was getting ready to teach Jarod his math he said he wanted daddy to help him because the last couple day's dad has helped him while I was working with Chord. So Jarod is really enjoying time with dad teaching him his math. Its neat because he was fine with me teaching him other things but wanted daddy to help him with his math. It's really nice that Harlow takes the time and enjoys doing this. In the beginning when we started homeschooling I was doing most of it. This is our third year into it and I have notice Harlow helping now without me having to say a word.

Homeschooling the boys really has made our family closer. My hubby works afternoons so he sleeps later than we do but he makes that time count for something and willing to help. I have realized now that our homeschooling isn't so much about academics (of course it has it's place) but it's more about family and getting to know who each other are. We aren't worried about who they are hanging out with or what exactly did they learn in school today. Instead we are talking, reading and playing together as a family. We are watching our boy's blossom into who they are. I am so glad we made the decision to homeschool. It isn't for everyone but it is for us and it's been such a blessing.


multipleblessings said...

I love playing with the girls' hair, and putting it up... But I'm not very good at it. *lol*

Joe helps the boys with math sometimes too. :D ... You have to watch him though, because sometimes he helps TOO MUCH, if you get my meaning! ;)


thehungryone said...

Oh I miss Meijers. We don't have any here in MO, but I loved shopping there when I lived in MI for college. Daddy as teacher sounds like fun!

kel said...

I agree hoemschooling wasnt just an academic change for us but a lifestyle change and definetly not one we regret. We love it. I dont think it is for every family but it fits us well.