Monday, December 10, 2007

Not much going on and Computer Problems

Today's Bible Study was canceled today due to the lady that usually heads it (at least for this book we are studying) had the flu and also because it's really icy outside. So I didn't have to do any running around. Which was probably a good thing.
Something isn't right with my computer. I can't download the new flash player and now I can't view any online video things like youtube or anything like that. So for the whole weekend I have been trying to work on that to no aval. So my weekend wasn't all that exciting LOL. That's ok though the next few day's are going to be busy so it is kind of a good thing not to have been up to much. So I don't really have much to post about since not much has been going on LOL. Sorry if I bore you all LOL.


Junglemom said...

Hope you can get your computer to work!!!


dakotablueeyes said...

gotta love the computers huh