Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am thankful

My mom called me today and said she decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house on Thanksgiving. Originally she was going to have it sometime during this coming week but it works out better if she has it tomorrow. So that's where we will go tomorrow and then on Friday we go to Harlow's (my hubby) brother and wife's house for a Thanksgiving meal. So anyway I don't know if I will be able to post the next couple day's because we will be busy and I usually don't post during the weekend so I will list what I am thankful for today!

  1. I am thankful to God for giving me the family I have and or the many blessings he has given us.

  2. I am thankful for having family nearby to enjoy the Holidays together.

  3. I am thankful that I have a wonderful husband that supports me in whatever I chose to do.

  4. I am thankful for my boy's. They have brought so much love in my life that I never knew possible. They opened my heart when no one or nothing else could.

  5. I am thankful for the freedom we enjoy because of the people before we were born fought so hard for.

  6. I am thankful for the troops around the world fighting for our freedom even though they are missing out with their families.

  7. I am thankful for the troop's families that are fighting for our freedom for supporting them on this hard journey.

  8. I am thankful for another day to enjoy my life and everyone in it.

  9. I am thankful for all my friends whether in "real life" or the people I know online. For all the support they have given me when I needed it the most.

  10. I am thankful to my mom for always being there for me when I have needed her even if she felt I was wrong.

I have a lot more that I am thankful for but I thought I would list only a few. They are in no particular order but they all come from my heart. My family and I have been through a lot, and maybe sometime I will tell you some of what we have been through, but we have also been very blessed. I wouldn't trade any of our trails for anything because it's brought us to who we are now and I love who we are. It's also led me to some good friends all around the globe. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and hope you have a lot to be thankful for too!!!


kel said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

There's nothing quite like counting one's blessings, huh? ... Very nice!... Happy Thanksgiving!

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Thanksgiving