Monday, January 31, 2011


Finally a day where I can have a few moments to just relax and blog :). It hasn't been anything to serious about being busy just little things like going to the Laundromat, MOMS Club meetings, grocery shopping, a field trip, family visiting and in between all that schooling the boys and making dinner LOL.

We also went to H&R Block to get our taxes done, since hubby finally got his unemployment W2 in. Everything else came in pretty quickly but that seemed to take it's time. We won't get any money though till the fourth so I am patiently waiting. We are getting a decent amount this year thankfully. We so need it. I plan on getting a new computer since this one is getting super slow even after I wiped it all out. This one will go to the boys (with careful monitoring of course). Then we will get some things done on the Jeep that needs to be done (like struts and maybe an added leaf in the back since it sags a bit) and of course I will be getting next years curriculum with some of it too. I usually get most of it from .

Also with the money we get back we plan on putting some away for a small vacation. Nothing really big but my mom owns a small house up north further and we plan to spend a few days up there and find little things to do while we are there. It's always a relaxing time when we go there. We haven't been on family vacation (even a small one) in about five years! This is something we really need.

Granted we could just put that in the bank and save but we really do need this time together and it will be well worth it I think :). But the rest of the money will be put back and we will save as much as we can because you never know what can happen. Trust me when I say I know all about that LOL. I hope everyone is doing well! So far we are. God Bless!!!

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Julie said...

I think we're still waiting on one more thing before we can do our taxes. I hope it comes today!!!