Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Overwhelmed to Relief and Joy!

It has been a stressful few days but also good. Well as you know the Jeep decided to have issues and we were praying it would be an easy fix. Well when we went in a day later to see what was up we were told it looks like it's going to be a big issue. They thought it might be the front differential. They said it would cost any where from $500-$700 and maybe even more!

Another thing is we found out that on our budget plan that we are on with the electric company was going up. So instead of paying $86 dollars a month it is now going to be $122 a month! With hubby making very little money and it's not practical for me to work right now (with only having one vehicle) money is very tight.

Then yesterday while the boys were doing dishes water was pouring out of the bottom cupboard where the sink is at. So I was thinking ugh not a busted pipe too!! I cleaned everything out and dried up everything.

On the good side my mom had offered to help pay for the Jeep, and the "busted pipe" was not a busted pipe after all. We have a hole (which we need to get something to cover it) where a sprayer used to be and while the boys were doing dishes they must have some how poured water down that hole causing all that water.

Also we got a call from the place fixing our Jeep and low and behold it wasn't the front differential that was messed up! It was exactly what my husband thought it was. Which was a wheel bearing. They also had to replace the rotors and a couple of other minor things and it's going to cost us a lot less than the $500-$700! My mom is still going to help us but at least it's not as much as what was originally thought! Praise God!!

Still not sure what to do about the electric bill but one day at a time and I am just happy with all the other good news! We are still struggling but God has and will get us through everything I know. I just need to remember that it isn't about me and to focus on Him and know that He will take care of it all! It may not always be how I would do it but God's way is always the right way and I just need to let Him do what He does.

I have other things going on as well like babysitting on Tues. for my two nephews, Big Sister Training for the MOMS Club® and today we went with friends within the MOMS Club® to an Art Museum. They had a kids section. One room was with toys and other cool things to play with (like old typewriters that the boys got a kick out of) and another room full of craft stuff and painting. After they did that for a while we walked around the museum. It really was a lot of fun.

Well that is my adventures from just this week alone LOL. At least it is ending up ok. I hope things are going well for everyone else too! :) I sure hope to start blogging more again. Things just seem to get hectic around here. But I do plan to blog when I get a chance. Thanks for those who still read this blog. 


Ami said...

It's life... always like that, huh?

You get ahead... then you fall behind. Just the cycle.

We just had to put a large chunk of change into our vehicle and it's still not fixed. Have to take it back in. But at least it's driveable.

Hand in there.

Julie said...

Just be glad you don't live here. Our electic company (PGE) is EXPENSIVE. Our bill NEVER gets below $125, even in the summer, and in the winter it is up over $200 a month. *sigh*

Glad the jeep won't cost as much to fix!!!

Julie said...
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Jody said...

Thanks you two :)....I am hanging on and hanging tight! :) This too shall pass.