Thursday, December 2, 2010

More About Me and MOMS Club®

Here is another little update about me. I have been a part of MOMS Club® for almost six years now(in June) and I have been Secretary two of those times. This past year I decided that I would run (we have an election every year) for President and lo' and behold I was elected! It was between the founder of the club and I. I heard it was a close race but it was a secret ballot so I don't know how close it really was.

It is something I never would have thought about doing before. When I first joined I was just a member and planned to stay that way. But then I had a friend within the club that pushes me (nicely pushed) into being a  coordinator for Create & Play. Even though I didn't think I could do it (because me crafty? no way!) I tried it anyway and found I loved it. I also got to know someone within the club that at first didn't particularly care for and soon we became best of friends! (Let me tell you it was a God thing for sure :) )

After a while I got in the groove of things and thought ok I can do this but I would never be on the board! Well about four years later I had another friend (my now best friend) really (again nicely) pushed me into going for Secretary. Well no one ran against me so I got it! I realized I really liked doing it! Never thought I would like to take notes (hated to in school) and being organized (in my real life I am so not an organized person though I wish I was.).

So I ran again the next year but this time I didn't get it. I was ok with that though. After all I should give other's a chance to do it. Well a few monthly later the person who got it had to return to work so she had to step down. No, one else was volunteering for it so I took it over once again. Again I loved it.

That term was running out and then this time all on my own I decided I would run for President. I decided that I've had people push me into things and I ended up liking it and hey it was time for me to step out of my box without having to have someone push me into it. So I ran and was elected! My term will be over June 30th but so far, even though there has been some bumps in the road, I have enjoyed it.

I really believe God has put me in these situations to help me grow and go outside my comfort zone. Sure it was uncomfortable and hard at times but I am not doing things I never would have thought about doing. I don't know what He has prepared for me but I am willing to follow where ever He takes me.

Next year I don't plan on running for anything and just be a member for a while (maybe a coordinator) but who knows maybe God will have other things planned. I just have to wait and see.


Julie said...

You are so brave! That would be out of my comfort zone too... I had to get a job, and MAN, it was HARD to get out of the house and back to dealing with the public again...

Jody said...

LOL let me tell you I don't feel so brave. I think you are brave for getting a job! I figure with what I am doing now though since it is an official Non-Profit group I can put it on my Resume some day. Don't know when and if I will ever have to go back (right now hard with only one vehical and I'd have to work days since hubby works afternoons.) but at least it's something I can put on there. :)