Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just some Thoughts on Things

Not too much going on today.  It rained a little here but not too badly.  The boys went outside for a little bit today to ride their bikes.  Chord just got a new bike because his old one was getting a little small on him.  Last year Jarod got a new one so I guess it was time for Chord to get a new one too :). 

Well tomorrow is the Monthly meeting for the Moms Club® and that is when the President is going to announce she is stepping down.  Hopefully it will all go ok.

I still haven’t decided if I want to run for Secretary again or not.  I don’t think anyone else will want to do it LOL.  I mean last year I was the only one who ran for it so by default I got it LOL.  I really don’t mind doing the work.  I like taking the minutes and doing all those things!  Then again I like to play around on my computer too.  I learned a lot about computers by just playing around with them.  I could learn more I am sure if I took a class but I really have learned a lot by just playing around with them :).  I think I learn better that way.  Anyway I am getting off track here :). (I am good at that LOL.)  But like I said what I don’t like about it, is some of the drama.  I like my drama on TV not in real life LOL. 

If I do run again and get it, it would be more experience I could put on a resume some day.  It will give me two years of experience instead of one and again I will learn more about computers I am sure :).  Maybe knowing what it will be like will have me more prepared for it this time.

The drawback is I really don’t like conflict.  I’d much rather be the peacemaker and I really don’t understand why some people get in such an uproar about the smallest things.  Why do some people have to jump down your throat and ask questions later?  I mean sometimes if people would just talk things through they would find that no harm was meant and maybe it was an honest to goodness mistake.  Instead we get the bickering and silliness and for me it just gets old quick.

Is it just me or are a lot of women like this?  Maybe that was why I was such a tomboy when I was growing up.  It’s no wonder I have only a select few of close female friends.  I do have other female friends too but I wouldn’t call them close.  I know there are a good many women that aren’t like this but man there seems to be a lot of women like that.  I am not saying I don’t have faults (don’t even think I could count them LOL) but man this is just something I am not used to and don’t like.  Am I the only one that feels this way?  Maybe I am just weird and seeing things wrong I don’t know. 

So as you can see I really don’t know what to do.  I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place.  I love doing what I do for the most part in the MOMS Club but is it worth all the stress?  Should I just drop it and try to just enjoy being a member of the Club or should I try and stick it out and maybe get some insights and experience doing it?  These are just some questions I have been asking myself.  Any thoughts for me? LOL.

Maybe I should just wait and see if I get nominated.  I could just run if I wanted to but if I just wait to see if I get nominated I can at least see if anyone wants me to run again LOL.  Maybe no one will and then I won’t have to worry about it LOL.  I wouldn’t have any hard feelings LOL.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  I just feel torn about what I should do.  I mean if I was working I would have to deal with people (I have in the past LOL) but do I want to do it voluntarily? LOL. 


Ami said...

I think you just have to decide if putting up with all the sniping and snottiness is worth what you get out of the activity.

If you're not having enough fun to make up for the craziness and chick stuff, then find a different activity that doesn't make you feel bad, ya know?

I don't like hanging out with a bunch of women, either.

kel said...

I think every group has a few people that like to stir drama and make it highschoolish. Ugh I hate that too.

Julie said...

Good luck on the decision!

Robin said...

Great blog about homeschooling. so glad I found you. I'm considering doing this with my son. I'll be back.