Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Friend!

I am so excited for a friend of mine. She just became Saved!! I am just so happy for her! See she was a total non-believer (I knew what that was like since I too was once a total non-believer) when I first met her.

When I first met her it was through the MOMS Club and she and I didn't start out on the right foot. It didn't have anything to do with religion or anything but I think we just had a big miscommunication. I got the feeling she didn't like me and she had the same feelings about me.

Time went on and we ended up having to work Create and Play together (a thing we did with the kids once a month). I kept having thing nagging feeling (I believe it was God telling me to :) ) that I needed to call her and work things out and apologize for anything I might have said or did that offended her. But before I could she ended up calling me. We got to be talking and found out that it was just plain silliness why we didn't become friends sooner.

She also became friends with some other Christian lady's in our Club at this time. Now none of us ever pushed or or "Bible Thump" her or anything (I hated that before I became a Christian and would never do that to someone). She knew our beliefs and sometimes she would ask questions and we would answer them to our ability.

Then she started to go to church. She started to go just for her kids sake. She learned to really like the church but still wasn't a believer.

Then this passed Sunday (this is from what she told me today) they had a sermon asking why are you here? Then she got to thinking afterwards that maybe she shouldn't come back to the church since she wasn't a believer.

Then after church there was a fellowship lunch she decided to go to. So she across from this church member and he started asking her questions about what she believed and why and what not. He wasn't being judgmental or anything just genuinely asking her questions and telling her that she didn't have to know the whole Bible to be a Christian or have read it all the way through to be a believer. All she had to do was to believe and give her heart to Jesus. She said it hit her then that she could believe. She let go of things and she said it was an incredible feeling!

I am just so happy for her! We were both in tears as she was telling me her story! I and the other members of MOMS Club have been praying for her. We never pushed her (she even said she felt so accepted by me and the others even though she wasn't a Christian at the time.) or bombarded her with things. We were there if she had questions and we answered them as honestly as we could. Her story is a little bit like my story How I Came to Christ . It's a bit long so don't know if you want to read it or not but it's there :).

Thanks for reading my blathering's :). I was just so excited and happy for her and I just had to tell someone LOL. I hope you don't mind too much :).

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Julie said...

We have a new sister in Christ! That is AWESOME news!!!!